New House Guests here at Martha’s Vineyard and Prayer Updates

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Forest Friends
Dear Family and Friends:
We continue to stay really busy here.  Dennis and I keep saying, “Isn’t it just January?”  But, this flu has been getting a hold of so many of our senior citizens causing lung, heart, and kidney damage.  Many are starting out with the flu that quickly spreads to cause multi-organ system failure.
Tomorrow we welcome in Wendy Golson of Alabama.  Mom, Jennie Golson who was moved to Select Speciality Hospital yesterday.  Ms. Jennie is just 77 years young but again, started out with flu-like symptoms.  She is also a diabetic according to her daughter.  Her lungs are very congested according to Wendy.  They both want any prayers to help them through this ordeal!
Imarie Glidewell has had a rollercoaster week.  Last night, the doctors at Select had replaced her kidney dialysis port with a permanent port because right now, she is requiring dialysis every day.  In addition to Mr. Tommy, her husband who is staying with us, her blood pressure and heart rate fluctuates.  The doctors are hoping to move Imarie to Brooks rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL.  Her blood count dropped.  Imarie has had 2 units of blood.  The doctors do no know why her blood count drops.  Her breathing is better though.  The next plan if they can get her stable is to move her to Jacksonville, FL at a rehabilitation center there.  Plus, the added bonus of a daughter nearby.
Austin Mulligan has also had a rollercoaster week.  According to mom, Tedie, therapy that had previously been done for Austin’s feet now was causing some circulation problems.  If he is not “just so” positioned, his feet will swell.  Austin’s dad, Joe, came in late Friday to be with his family.  The doctors are working to move Austin to the next step: A rehabilitation center in Jacksonville, FL.  The exact same one as Imarie is going to!  This is going to put a strain on this family as dad is only state-side for a short while.  Tedie and Joe Mulligan have 12 children.  Some are established adults, married, and a few grandchildren.  A couple are still in middle and high school.  Tedie is asking for continued prayers for all of them. Including, their other handicapped daughter, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth requires 24 hour, round the clock care.  Joe and Tedie have so much faith in Our God.  They have told me repeatedly how God has always taken care of all of them.  He will never leave them or forget them!
William Blocker remains a houseguest of Ken Horne.  His wife, Betty is making slow process in her recovery at Select Hospital also. They are from North-east Florida. Blessing to both the Blockers and Ken H.!
Leroy White is recovering nicely at Select Hospital also. Adelia, his wife is pretty much staying with Leroy 24/7 to keep him company.  Let’s please not forget both of these fine people from northern Florida.
Crystal Eads continues to make progress in her cancer treatment at Select hospital.  Due to difficulties from numerous surgeries, she needs the hospital care provided to her.  She has a “great and positive” outlook, according our our visiting pastor, Dr. Bob Greene.  Crystal is just 38 years young.  She has a beautiful adopted daughter, Chloe who is just 9 years old.
An unspoken request:  Received a call from N.A. S.  A Sailor has passed.  Family is coming in this coming Thursday-Saturday.  We need to lift up this entire family.  We, here, at Martha’s Vineyard will assist any which way we can.  Please be in prayer for this entire family.
Blessings to all.  Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
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