New Houseguests and Prayer Updates here at Martha’s Vineyard

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 Dear Family and Friends:
Charles Heyn of Idaho and his lovely bride, Diane had come here as “snow birds” for a winter vacation.  Mr. Charles became very sick and is at Sacred Heart hospital.  He is in the PCU unit.  According to his wife, his infection fighting capabilities are dropping and he is having difficulty remaining cognizant of what day it is.  He is just 77 years young.
Betty Blocker was moved to Baptist Hospital, room 209, with a severe lung fluid retention and infection.  Husband, William, has been staying with Ken H. from our church family.  Mr. Blocker was telling me today that fluid keeps re-accumulating in his wife’s lungs but he feels that the lung specialists at Baptist are going to find out what is going on. Sweet people from central FL.
Austin Mulligan was officially turned down by insurance to go to Shepherd’s brain and spinal injury rehabilitation center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Parents, Tedie and Joe, are determined to help their son any way they can even if it means that Austin is transferred to a rehabilitation center near their home in southern AL.  Austin, as you recall, suffered an extensive brain injury December 8, 2017 on his way home from his job.  He has never regained consciousness yet. He has opened his eyes during physical therapy according to mom, and has made some arm movements.  Austin is just 19 years old.  Dad, Joe, has to return to his job in Afghanistan this coming week.  The Mulligans have 12 children.  All ages.  Please be in prayer for this wonderful family.  Austin likes to listen to Christian music according to mom.  We “happened” to have an extra CD/radio player and ear buds here. Mom says she can see him relax with the music and his therapist says it will be good for him. Got any extra christian artist CD’s?  Send them to us here at the Vineyard.  We will make sure Austin gets them!
Jennie Golson was able to return home in Brewton, AL!  She is feeling a lot better according to daughters Wendy and Susan who stayed with us.  They said to express many thanks for the prayers and visits from Dr. Bob Greene, and Neal Kinnard from First Baptist.
Crystal Eads is still on daily kidney dialysis at Select Hospital.  Just 38 years young, Crystal is recovering from colon cancer surgery.  Crystal continues to ask for prayers for herself and her sweet daughter, Chloe.  Very good friends of hers are watching Chloe for her while mommy recovers.
Blessings to all.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
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