Prayer Updates for Our Families Staying here at Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House!

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Big Heart
Dear Family and Friends:
Charles Heyn continues to make slow improvement at Sacred Heart Hospital.  Per his lovely wife, Diane, whom we have just come to love, Charles has had lupus for a number of years that has literally controlled his health.  Diane is now a retired nurse.  She had shared with me he really needs to be back in Iowa near his specialists.  I started looking at my past houseguests and came across a family that had their mom transferred per a wonderful non-for-profit medical team called “Grace of Wings”.  This wonderful group of volunteer personnel charge only the fuel for air medical transport.  Believe me, the cost is 1/3 of the cost of a typical air medical transport.  There are some qualifiers, but Mr. Charles definitely qualified and he is scheduled to be picked up later this week if his health holds.  Isn’t it a blessing how one of our past families have literally helped another?  We are praying that Ms. Diane will be able to fly with him on the flight.  Mr. Charles’ health is showing some improvement.  He is much more alert, and his blood counts are getting better.  As much as we have enjoyed having them, he needs to be back with his specialists.  Please keep this in prayer!
Betty Blocker continues to make slow improvement at Baptist Hospital.  Her husband expressed to me how grateful he has been to be able to stay with Ken Horne, one of our church families.  Ms. Betty has had to have her lung drained from recurring fluid.  Pneumonia has been an issue also.  The Blockers home is a good 100 miles away.  Mr. William has to go every few days to take care of the farm animals.  Ms. Betty is slowly getting better.  Please keep her in your continued prayers also.
Austin Mulligan appears to really like listening to his music!  He has had an severe breakdown of skin on one of his feet.  He had his second debridement this week.  Keeping infection at bay has been a major issue per mom, Tedie.  Austin has a family member stay with him 24/7.  Sleep deprivation has occurred for these rotating family members.  Austin is just 19 years old.  Please continue to keep this young man and his entire family in your prayers.
Crystal Eads continues to have very few good days.  Dialysis continues to make her very nauseous.  She told me there was a time she had been carrying too much weight.  Not any more.  She has lost over 60 lbs.  Crystal is at Select Speciality hospital.  If you get a chance, please write her an encouraging card.  She is battling a lot of demons: cancer, kidney failure, nausea, spiritual depression, and sepsis.   Select Speciality Hospital, c/o  Ms. Crystal Eads 7000 Cobble Creek Road, Pensacola, FL  32504.  Between Dr. Bob Greene, myself, and very few visitors, Crystal needs to know that people are praying for her.  Crystal is just 38 years old.
Blessings to all!
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola: The Family House
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