Prayer Updates of Our Families here at Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends:
What a busy week this has been.  So many of our families continue to have very sick loved ones.  Charles Heyn was transported to University of Iowa hospital via a medical flight team this past Thursday.  Diane, his wife was able to fly with him.  She asks for continued prayer for Charles as the doctors are worried that he may have had a stroke yesterday afternoon.  I know Diane is so very glad to be near the children and her church family.  Charles has some other serious health issues and being near his specialists was a crucial factor.  Diane again expressed how grateful she has been for all the prayers, visits, and concern for her husband.
Talked with both Crystal Eads, who is still recovering at Select Speciality Hospital and her mother, Rhonda.  Crystal continues to have very few good days.  Daily dialysis has not been fun for this sweet little lady who is also battling colon cancer repair surgery recovery.  Her mom is also very concerned about Crystal’s “will to live” and her “spiritual strength”.   She said the doctors are discussing about sending Crystal back to M.D. Anderson in Texas for further care.  Please, get a chance, write Crystal an encouraging card.  We had a couple this past week and took her a Valentine’s bag on the 14th.  It really seemed to lift her spirits.  Remember, Crystal has a sweet 9 year old daughter, Chloe that loves her mommy very much.
Austin Mulligan continues to heal slowly from his foot debridement surgery, physically from his December 8, 2017 car accident, and mentally from the severe head injury.  The Mulligan family keeps a family member with him 24/7.  This family very much believes in taking care of each other.  Mom, Tedie right now is in the Sacred Heart Urgent Care with another son, Hans who injured himself playing soccer.  As she tells me, with 12 children, one or the other is always hurt or sick.  Ms. Tedie is amazing.
Betty Blocker is at Sacred Heart hospital and soon to be moved back to Select Speciality Hospital.  She has improved tremendously in her lung condition according to husband, William who has continued to stay with Ken Horne, a great back-up family for Martha’s Vineyard.  Mr. Blocker is very grateful for all the prayers and wants his wife home!  He was telling me this is the longest and sickest his wife has ever been.  Please keep Ms. Betty in your prayers.
Blessings to all.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House
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