New Houseguests and Prayer Updates here at Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends:
Welcomed in Michelle and Denise Sutherland.  Denise’s dad, George Hadden is at the Sacred Heart Covenant Hospice Unit.  Michele is the granddaughter.  Wife, Susan has been staying around the clock with her husband there.  Susan has shared with me that George very much knows Our Lord as his personal Savior!  He knows his time is coming quickly.  But, he also knows where his next address is.  Our family is from central Kentucky.  Please keep them in prayer at this time.
Austin Mulligan continues to make very slow progress.  He did open his eyes when his mom called his name this morning.  That was a special blessing to Tedie!  As always, one of Austin’s family members will stay with him around the clock.  He is turned every 2 hours to keep circulation and good skin care.  Austin continues to be affected by his traumatic brain injury of December 8, 2017.  He has a wonderful, loving family!
Penny McKinley has been moved to a regular room at Baptist Hospital.  Having been there now over a month, Penny suffers from severe COPD.  Mom, Meryl Boykin and sister Teresa Ault came in from central Alabama to visit over the weekend. Penny is making progress!
Spoke with William Blocker a short while ago.  Wife, Betty was moved back to the ICU at Select Hospital for a severe electrolyte imbalance.  Because certain levels are so either extremely low or high, she cannot tolerate having kidney dialysis at this time.  He is hopeful that tomorrow her electrolytes will be balance.  Mr. Blocker is currently staying with Ken Horne.  The Blockers are from central Florida.
Blessings to all.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola: The Family House!
P.S.  A special “Thank You!” to the U.S. Navy and all our wonderful volunteers who came this past Saturday to help us get the yard ready for spring.  We expanded our parking area by have 11 tons of rock spread.  One side of our back yard had three rotting posts.  The Navy and Pat Rowe have set all the posts and framing for the new fence!  What a great job they ALL did!!! Many Thanks!!!