Prayer Updates for Our Families here at Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends:
Austin Mulligan had further grafting this week on his foot.  Appears to be healing well.  Mom and Dad have filed an second appeal with their insurance company to get the “ok” for Austin to go to Shepherd’s Rehabilitation neurological center of their rehabilitation center.  Shepherd’s is a top-notch center and has already accepted Austin.  Please continue to pray for him and his family as they maneuver this obstacle! I stopped by to see Austin and his mom, Tedie this week.  Austin is keeping his eyes open even longer now.  He is starting to make noises too!  Go Austin!!!
Betty Blocker remains in the ICU at Select Hospital.  She had a tracheotomy this week to assist her breathing difficulties.  She continues to have regular kidney dialysis also.  Mr. William and Ken Horne- one of our back up church families have become very good friends!  Thanks so much Mr. Ken, Mr. William has expressed to me every time I see him how much he appreciates you!
Penny McKinley remains at Baptist Hospital overcoming her COPD lung condition.  She is now in a regular room, but still has a ways to go according to her mom, Meryl.  She has been there several weeks now.
Aaron Williams is on track to have his ACL surgery this coming Monday.  His parents are coming in from Marianna, FL.  Aaron gets to go home for just a couple of days and he and mom will be back with us next weekend until this guy can ambulate up to his fifth floor dorm room!  Ok, may have this guy a couple of weeks.
Please continue to keep our Kairos (prison ministry) team in prayer this weekend.  We are hearing great prayers, new followers for Christ, and renewal of Christian vows have been made!!  We love a winning God Team!!!
Love, Always in His Name!!!
Dennis & Marty Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola: The Family House!
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