New House Guests and Prayer Updates here at Martha’s Vineyard!

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Dear Family and Friends:
We welcomed in yesterday the parents of Christina Covington.  Just 29 years young, Ms. Christiana has an infection on one of her heart valves that has spread to her lungs according to her dad, Ronald Covington.  Mom, Pam Carter along with step-mom, Lyn are all here to support Ms. Christina.  She is very sick prayer partners.  She is on full life support and dad was telling us tonight this is getting very serious.
Penny McKinley is now in a regular room at Baptist Hospital.  She has been battling COPD that has greatly affected her lungs.  Mom, Meryl comes in on the weekends from Thomasville, AL to visit her.  We are able to get them a room at a local hotel when they come in.
Austin Mulligan had hopefully a final skin graft this week.  Mom, Tedie was so excited to show me how well the skin is looking!  We still wait for the final appeal for Austin to be able to go to Shepherd’s Neurological Rehabilitation center.  Austin had a birthday this week.  He is now 20 years old!  Happy Birthday Austin!!
Betty Blocker remains in the ICU at Select Hospital.  According to husband, William, she had a permanent PICC IV line placed and a stomach “peg” tube for extra nourishment into her stomach.  This has been a long road for this couple.  Mr. Blocker started staying with our back-up church family, Ken Horne in early January.  Wow!  Many thanks to you Ken for all of you help with the Blocker family!
Aaron Williams and his parents are back with us this coming weekend.  Aaron had his ACL repaired earlier this week.  With his dorm room on the 5th floor, he is going to have to wait a couple of weeks after surgery before he can climb stairs!  Aaron is a student at UWF.
We were blessed this past Wednesday with a wonderful church group from Pace, FL who assisted us in taking down a broken fence, install the new fence, trim plants, and spread rock on the parking area nearest 12th Avenue.  Great group of people.  Their Wednesday night bible study calls these “sessions” “Faith in Action” chapters.  5 couples, and our very own, Pat Rowe who has been our only carpenter since we started on Martha’s Vineyard in 2009; did all the work Wednesday night.  Many Thanks to all of you!!!
Blessings to all!
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola
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