New House Guests and Prayer Updates here at the Vineyard Family House !

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Dear Family and Friends:
Amy Walker is from central Alabama.  Just 34 years young, Amy has a serious fight for her own life going on.  She thought she had the flu.  Her fiance’ took her to the emergency room in Andalusia and blood work indicated a more serious problem.  Amy has Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  A very serious kind of Leukemia.  Amy has two young sons that are being cared for by family.  Amy is in Sacred Heart Hospital.  Protective Isolation because her white blood cell count is VERY low.  She has been telling me she is having up to three times a day chemotherapy.  Amy is asking for all prayers.
Sharon Leonard survived an eight hour surgery to relieve a brain aneurysm on the right side of her brain.  She and her husband, Thaddeus are from the Crestview, FL area.  Just recently retired, Thaddeus was sharing with me that he and Sharon had taken a serious step getting in good physical shape.  Sharon was walking six miles a day when this event happened.  Sisters Sheila and Shannon are also here from Kentucky.  Sharon is awake and off the ventilator.  Prayers please!  She  is in the ICU at Sacred Heart hospital.
Christina Covington was transferred to Sacred Heart, Destin for an additional four weeks of IV therapy.  Parents, Pam Carter, and Ron and Lyn Covington returned to Tennessee while she continues to recover.
Austin Mulligan is doing much better following his horrific car accident December 8, 2017.  He is now fully opening his eyes and moving some fingers.  His insurance company has denied his transfer to Shepherd’s Rehabilitation center.  Mom and Dad are appealing the denial for a third and final time.  As always, Austin has at least one family member with him at all times while he remains at Select Speciality hospital.
Betty Blocker remains on the ventilator at Select Speciality hospital.  She is also on kidney dialysis per her lovely husband, William.  She gets dialysis prn every few days.  He was telling me she is also to have a chest tube to further drain fluid off her lungs this week.  William continues to stay with Ken H., one of our back-up church families.  Again, thanks so much Ken for helping us out!
Blessings to all!
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
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