Prayer Updates on all of our families here at the Family House.

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Dear Family & Friends:
Douglas Edwards is in Baptist Hospital with diabetes complications.  We were able to help his brother Dale Edwards with a reasonable room rate at our back-up hotel here in town.  Dale is asking for prayers for his brother who has severe decreased circulation to one of his feet.  He is very much afraid that the foot and part of his leg will be amputated.  Mr. Douglas is just 62 years young.
Amy Walker, our 34 year old mom is back in Sacred Heart hospital on multiple doses of chemotherapy.  According to her, the chemotherapy is making her extremely nauseated.  She was telling me she has pretty much lost all of her hair.  Rody, her fiance has his own health issues also.  He shared with us he injured his back and is awaiting his doctors to say it is ok to go back to work.  Rody tries to spend as much time as he can with Amy.  Ms Amy has two boys.  Both, of which, are living with their dad with mom undergoing all of the chemotherapy right now.  Ms. Amy has Acute myeloid  leukemia.
Austin Mulligan, patient at Select Specialty Hospital has continued to improve!  He is now responding to an “un-huh” when asked a question.  He will push at your hand when asked to do so!  Wow!  From a guy that so many thought would never show any outward signs of “waking up” from his coma from his horrific car accident December 8, 2017, Austin is doing some pretty amazing stuff!  His parents are trying really hard to get him to Shepherd’s Neuro-rehab center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Please continue to pray for this guy.
Betty Blocker, patient at Select also has had a good week.  She was set on the edge of her bed.  She is communicating to all the staff and her husband, Willam who is staying with us also.  Fighting now an infection in her lungs, Ms. Betty is trying her best to get better.  Please do continue to pray for her and her husband, William.
Blessings to all of you!
Love, Always in Your Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
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