A Real “Loaves & Fishes” Story

Marty TackettNews

Dear Family and Friends:
Our Thanksgiving celebration is quickly upon us this week.  I just wanted to share a real “loaves and fishes” story that unfolded here at Martha’s Vineyard this past week.
We were called three times by Woodbine United Methodist church.  They left me messages, “We are going to be giving out Thanksgiving meals-did we know of any families that could use one?”.  We played phone tag for a couple of days.  But, when we did get to talk, I expressed to them that we didn’t know of any families here close by that could use a meal.  I explained we take care of families that come in from out of this area.
Then it occurred to me that I knew of two families, again not from the area that could really use a meal.  About a year ago, we had the honor of hosting Jim Toal’s family.  Jim had been a heart catheterization technician for Sacred Heart Hospital for 12+ years.  He actually was one of the team that trained me. He had suffered a major heart attack and stroke.  He was transferred to Shand’s Rehabilitation in Gainsville, FL.  On disability, he went home to Trenton, FL.  Sadly Jim passed away a few weeks ago.  Michelle, his wife had quit work to take care of Jim.  His disability check was their only income.  They still have a son in high school. Yes, they needed this meal.
As many of you know, Doug Tackett, Dennis’ brother is very sick.  Stage 4 liver cancer.  A “Do Not Resuscitate” wrist band is on Doug now.  Dennis went up to New Albany, IN a couple of weeks ago when Doug suffered a seizure.  We thought we were going to lose him then.  He made it home to be in palliative care now. While there, Doug asked that most important question: “What do I do to become saved?” All Dennis did was talk him through it.  Doug knows he has a place in heaven now!  Doug & Jeanette have been living off a disability check for the past 3 years.  She has had to really cut back her outside jobs to be with him.  Doug helped Jeanette raise her three children, and now 12 grandchildren!  Yes, they needed a Thanksgiving meal too.
I asked Woodbine U.M.C., if it were possible to provide these meals.  Without hesitation, they agreed!  The plan was I was going to deliver Doug’s groceries with 2 turkeys to him when I went this coming Thursday.  I am going to make that trip to also transport our children’s Christmas gifts and pick up the maltese puppy we donate every year to the ARC “Wreaths of Joy” gala.  But, we discovered that Doug’s family needed that meal sooner.  To ship both meals overnight was going to cost over $400.  That’s crazy.
So, we sent overnight two gift cards to more than cover their groceries. That same day, we heard of a family in our neighborhood needing a meal.   I called Baptist hospital’s SICU.  I knew they could find us two more families within the employee pool that had also suffered hardship this past year and needed a meal tool.  Within the hour, they had the names.
So, in essence, our two meals with three turkeys was spread out to FIVE families that would not have had a Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Our God is great!  All the time!  He always provides us what we need.  I know you have heard me say this before, but we are ALL, “One beggar just telling another where there is bread”.
A very special “Happy Thanksgiving” to each one of you.  Safe travels to anyone taking to the roads or sky.  And, remember to ask someone, “Do you know Jesus?”.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty Tackett
Resident Servant
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola