A Special Birthday Tomorrow & A Special Request!

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Dear Family and Friends:
I just learned this morning that tomorrow, October 12, 2019, is Michelle Fawks 52nd Birthday!  Michelle has not only survived what could have been a very tragic brain aneurysm, but is recovering and doing well!!IF you can, Please send her a card or note here at The Vineyard Family House and wish her a Happy Birthday and continued Get Well wishes!  David, her husband is SO proud of her.  He was able to show her pictures of their grand-babies and she had tears of happiness in just remembering she has grandchildren!  This would really make her day!!
Michelle Fawksc/o Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola111 Euclid StreetPensacola, FL  32503
EVEN if your cards come after her birthday, these will be messages of encouragement and prayers to lift her spirits.  
A special request:  Michelle does not realize per David they had to shave her head to relieve the brain bleeding once they discovered the aneurysm.  Does anyone have perhaps one or two of those soft caps to cover her head?  Honestly, I should have thought of this request earlier.  We have had so many brain injuries here at the Vineyard.  Caps like these would be so important to women who have lost their hair.  We would treasure these and share them with our families and their loved ones.  
Just drop them off here at the Vineyard or mail them to me.  We will use them all one day or another.  If I could perhaps have one or two by tomorrow it would be such a blessing for Michelle as  family are coming in just to wish her a Happy Birthday.  David shared with me that she will be so conscientious of her now bald head. We women don’t particularly like this close of a cut!  Thanks SO MUCH!!! 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!

Marty & Dennis Tackett

Resident ServantMartha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House


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