A Special Mother’s Day Memory

Marty TackettNews

May 7, 2022
Dear Family and Friends:
Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  A very special blessing to all mothers. 
Dennis and I were blessed to have been parents to five children.  My two boys, Matt and Marc.  His three girls, Jessica, Lizzie, and Emily.  We have been also blessed with six beautiful grandchildren. 
Last April 3, 2021, we received a call that no parent wants to receive.  Our oldest son, Matt, age 41, had died of a heart attack. It was heart-breaking not only to us, but his three children, Cody, Cayla, and Caitlin.  
Every parent wants to know that they will see their children in Heaven.  Dennis and I were present when a very sincere profession of faith came from Matt when he was just 11 years old. 
The day of his funeral had been overcast and rainy.  We were to have the family “after service” gathering at my sister’s house.  As a mom, I pray for each of my children and grandchildren every day.  We knew Matt’s adult life walk was frequently not Christ-like.  Yet, I held on to that memory he accepted Christ.   Jesus honored his mother with His first miracle of turning water into wine.  Our Lord hears every prayer.  But, He listens to mothers’ prayers. 
I am convinced He knew my heart on that day.  Just as we were to bless the meal, my sister Patty comes flying into the kitchen and tells me come outside.  There in front of us was the most beautiful rainbow.  Actually a double rainbow.  I could not fit them both in my camera lens. 
God’s promise:  Genesis 9:16  “Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the EVERLASTING covenant between God and ALL living creatures of every kind on the earth.”  
He will NEVER leave us nor FORESAKE us.
I just finished a wonderful “Grief Share” program at our church.  It was a wonderful fellowship of people from many different faith backgrounds who have lost people very special to them.  It has helped me so much in adjusting to life without Matt.  I would highly recommend this class to everyone.  Churches all over the U.S. are offering this class.  Look up griefshare.org

There is a good chance a church near you is offering this class.  
Thank you God for Mothers.  Thank you for ALL of those who have been positive influences in a person’s life.  They too should be honored. 
But, Thank you Holy Spirit for giving me that “Peace that passes ALL understanding” that I will see my son in Heaven some day. 
I conclude with a “Memories are Magic” snip that one of our Grief Share members shared with our group. 

Love Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett

Resident Servant

Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House


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Rainbow after Matt’s funeral April 10, 2021
Memories are Magic!