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Dear Family and Friends:
We welcomed in retired Reverand Turpin Ashurst.  Wife, Angelina is staying with us.  She shared that Turpin retired after 20 years as an Army Chaplin, only to go back into ministry as a United Methodist pastor.  He is just 80 years young.  He and “Angie” fully retired a few years ago and was spending their retirement traveling in their RV.  They were at Gulf Shores, AL when he had a stroke.  He is currently hospitalized at Sacred Heart hospital.  
Shirley Oliver is doing well at Select rehabilitation hospital.  Per Lamar, her husband, Shirley continues to recover from her open heart surgery following an heart attack January 5, 2020.  Sadly she had complications and became ventilator dependent.  She is off the ventilator during the day, but is still requiring a ventilator at night.  She does have a tracheotomy and feeding tube. She is just 73 years young.  The Oliver’s are from Evergreen, AL.
Kim Denman is a patient at Sacred Heart also.  Just 55 years young, she has had surgery this week to re-do her shunt following her hemorrhagic brain bleed 2 months ago.  Per her daughter, Kelsey, who has been staying with us along with husband, Barry, Kim is much more alert since the surgery.  They are hoping that she will be moving more and be ready for rehabilitation again.  The Denmans are from Ft. Walton Beach, FL. 
Our best news yet!  Tim Anderson, just 42 years young is doing SO much better!  Per mom, Mena, who has mainly been staying with us shared that the entire family was told originally that Tim had a 5% survival rate after the H1N1 flu attacked his lungs and literally shut them down from working.  Tim was transferred from Mobile, AL where he is a detective on their police force.  Tim was placed on ECMO at Baptist hospital here in Pensacola.  ECMO is a heart-lung assist device that allows both the lungs and heart to rest during recovery.  The pulmonary doctors have done several lung washings.  His congestion of his lung have responded!  Per Mena, this is day 2 that the ECMO team has turned off the ECMO for a time period, and let Tim’s lungs with the assistance of his ventilator, do his breathing.  He is maintaining his oxygen saturation!  Yeah!  This is exactly what his doctors have been hoping for!!!  Keep those prayers coming!!! 
Please continue to pray for Carolyn Durkee, from Baker Florida who continues outpatient radiation therapy for breast cancer. She stays with Penny C., one of our host homes. 
Kathy & James Hubbard came into town this week to visit Chris, their son, who is at Consulate rehab for his stage 4 COPD.  He still requires oxygen.  His tracheotomy is healed!  He is to have kidney stone removal February 17.  His parents are returning.  Kathy shared with me that he is moving in his wheelchair well, and has taken 50 steps in physical therapy!  He is getting there!!!  We have been praying for this young man of 45 since October 18, 2019! 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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