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Prayer Updates on Our Families and on the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:Kimberly Sokolow of Orlando, Florida is hoping to be able to go home very soon.  She has been at Park Place Rehabilitation Center here in Pensacola.  It is hard to believe she began this journey with us February 20, 2020.  Just 52 years young, she has survived the H1N1 flu, Required ECMO (heart-lung assist machine), ventilator dependency,…Keep Reading

Prayer Updates and How God Speaks Through Two Broken Arms!

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Dear Family and Friends:I will be following this update with another of pictures of the 110 West Strong Street property updates and renovations going on.  But first:Kim Sokolow is doing well at Park Place Rehabilitation center.  Per her sister, she was able to take 70 steps on her own this week!  Wow!  Surviving H1N1 flu, ECMO (heart-lung assist), ventilator support…Keep Reading

If God gives me today, I will Praise His Name!

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Dear Family and Friends:The title to this update was written seven years ago by my brother-in-law, Charles McDonner after he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung, liver, and colon cancer.  He was told by three oncologists to go home, get his affairs in order, and be prepared to die within 3 to 6 months.  He told all three of his…Keep Reading

God Has This!

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Dear Family and Friends:Our pastor, Dave Snyder has shared with us from day one of his ministry at First Baptist church that, “It’s not about us, It’ all bout Him!”.  I am praying that all are remaining safe and healthy during this time.  As I shared in our last update, we have also stop taking in new families to keep…Keep Reading

Prayer Updates on All our families here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:Chris Hubbard:  Consulate Rehab.  Per his mom, Kathy, Chris’s hemoglobin count is going down.  The doctors are worried he may be bleeding internally.  He will be re-admitted back to Baptist Hospital for blood infusion(s) as needed.  His parents, sadly cannot visit him either as all of our families are under different quarantine rules.  Because Chris is in…Keep Reading

New House Guests, Prayer Updates, and Our Deepest Condolences

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Dear Family and Friends: Our deepest condolences go out to to the family of Audrey Berkenpas.  Per her husband, Frank, Audrey had developed pneumonia that sadly took her life this past Tuesday at Gulf Breeze Baptist hospital.  The couple came to Florida to be with their family.  Per Frank, this past month was filled with wonderful memories when Audrey became…Keep Reading

New House Guests, Praises, and Prayer Concerns for our families here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:We welcomed back an old friend and former house guest of ours: Sherry Wert.  Sherry was with us a little more than 3 months last year when her daughter, Christy Taylor had a massive hemorrhagic stroke.  Christy was re-admitted to Sacred Heart hospital to the ICU for a overwhelming infection this past week.  We are hosting Sherry,…Keep Reading

New House Guests, Prayer Updates, and Condolences!

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 Dear Family and Friends:  Our deepest condolences to the family of Jim Clark, of Panama City Beach, FL.  He passed away this past Sunday at Sacred Heart hospital from multi-organ system failure.  We had the blessing of having his wife Jimmi Jayne at our home.  We welcomed in the family of  Audrey Berkenpas of Grandville, MI.  Husband, Frank, was telling…Keep Reading

New House Guests and Prayer Updates here at the Vineyard Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends:Per Kimberly Sokolow’s family, she is doing a little better on ECMO at Baptist hospital.  ECMO is a heart-lung assist machine that can increase the oxygen capacity of the the blood returning to the heart it allows both the lung and heart to “rest” while the patient is healing.  Kim came from Foley Alabama with the H1N1…Keep Reading