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Your Martha’s Vineyard Resident Servants

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Dennis & Marty Tackett live at Martha’s Vineyard. Remember, this house is NAMED for Martha Rouse, a VERY strong Christian Woman who left this world to go home to the Lord in 2009. We are privileged to be the Resident Servants to assist ALL who enter Martha’s Vineyard ! Please contact us for Availability during the day 850 287 2144…Keep Reading

November, 2015, Martha’s Vineyard is Still Moving On!

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We have now had over 550 House Guests! Our landscaping is looking just beautiful! The plants are maturing, we have had different groups come in and volunteer to make the outside furniture beautiful and comfortable. You are Welcome Here!

Brand New Landscaping ! ! !

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As of July, 2014, Mike Hand of Summit Landscaping, working with the City of Pensacola, finally was able to complete the construction project done on our street, 12th Avenue, and OUR YARD ! They did a beautiful job ! Many Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this possible. Working with Road’s Inc., the construction company that was…Keep Reading

A Whole New Look to Martha’s Vineyard!

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With the completion of a new circular driveway that takes all our houseguest traffic off the roadway, and a beautiful palmtree with a soon-to-be sitting area in front of the Vineyard, we are in the final stages of completing the landscaping that will complete this total overall project! We were able to re-direct the ramp in front of the Vineyard…Keep Reading

It’s a whole new day!

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Let’s just say Martha’s Vineyard is going to take on a whole new look! As of two months ago, Christian Ministries, a non-profit organization is going to come along side of Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, assist us in attaining our non-profit status, and allow any tax-deductible donations be made to them for the Vineyard until we get our 501-C3 status!…Keep Reading

E-mail Family Updates

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Want more information on the latest changes of Martha’s Vineyard?  Then join our e-mail family.  If you would like to receive updates on what’s happening at the Vineyard, please e-mail Emily at emmieruth02@hotmail.com with the subject line Martha’s Vineyard E-mail Family.  We would love to keep you updated on how things are going as well as prayer requests along the way.  Thank you…Keep Reading