Graduation for Briggs!

Dear Family and Friends:

Following our WSRE presentation of “Christmas Remembered” tree and wreath, our volunteers were hard at work taking down all of the pumpkins and putting up all of the Christmas decor in every bedroom (All 7 of them!), Every bathroom (All 8 of them!), and decorating both the inside and outside of the Vineyard Family House.

We welcomed Tom and Melina Fink last week.  Asking you to keep this sweet couple in your prayers.  They flew in from Portland, OR.  It was to be an arranged adoption of a newborn.  The biological mother decided to keep her baby.  Tom and Melina shared that even though they did not get this baby, they know God has total control over their lives as well as this baby’s parents. It was just not meant to be.  They stayed with us for just a few days. 

The family of Humbertilo A. has joined us also.  Mr. “Tilo”, just 55 years young, sustained a severe stroke while traveling I-10 through Pensacola.  He is a CDL truck driver.  His wife, Paola, daughters, Blanca, and Jazlin, as well as son-in-law, Joseph are all staying with us. Per Blanca, he is in critical condition, on a ventilator, and at Baptist hospital. They are asking for your prayers, but know, God is in control.  

As always, so grateful to all our volunteers who assist in decorating the bedrooms and common areas of the house.

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Marty Tackett

Resident Servant

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