There are many ways you can help support Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House and families in need.

Whether you can give your prayers, your time or your donations, any gift to Martha’s Vineyard makes a difference and helps us fulfill our mission.

We regularly update our Amazon Wish List with daily needs for Vineyard Family House. If you’d like to view our current needs click the link below, or download a list of needs.

Make a Donation

Donate by participating in the Round Up program on
Donate by participating in the Round Up program on When purchasing items on or in the app, “round up” your change for your preferred charity when you check out. Log in to your account, under “My Account” select “Giving & Impact.” Search for a local charity, Martha’s Vineyard, and begin making an impact. Located next to your chosen charity is the Round Up program. Simply turn on the toggle and begin rounding up when you check out to donate. Not available for in-store or Walmart Pay purchases. You will be able to opt in and out at checkout.


Donate online for quicker processing
Because we do not charge our guests, all donations go to support this ministry, house costs, food, and up-keep.

Please consider making a donation to this ministry. We utilize these donations to keep our operation running smoothly, including raising money for our new Family House and stocking the house for guests. Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels and personal supplies are always needed. Please feel free to call if you want to donate time or supplies. We always have a honey-do list.

Our organization needs donations from people like you to thrive. We truly believe in the ministry of Martha’s Vineyard and pray that you will join us in support.

Your donations help attend to an unmet need in our community, and provide stability, compassion and comfort to families in need.

To make a donation, make checks payable to Martha’s Vineyard and mail to:

Martha’s Vineyard, Inc.
110 West Strong Street
Pensacola, FL 32501
(850) 469-1466



The Bible says that wherever two or more are gathered, that God will be there.
Please pray for the ministry, for those involved, for the families in need and that God will guide and bless Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House. Pray that God will open ears so that people may hear about Martha’s Vineyard and be able to be helped. Pray that God will open hearts so that people may catch the passion and excitement and run with it, blessing others on their way. Finally, pray that God will pour out His blessings on the house financially so we may continue helping those in need.