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Dear Family and Friends:
Our pastor, Dave Snyder has shared with us from day one of his ministry at First Baptist church that, “It’s not about us, It’ all bout Him!”.  I am praying that all are remaining safe and healthy during this time.  As I shared in our last update, we have also stop taking in new families to keep ourselves and others healthy.  This week alone, I have had to turn down two out-patient chemotherapy patients because we cannot expose even our wonderful volunteer house parents to COVID-19.  With each phone call, it breaks our hearts to say “No”.  Even though we cannot visit our hospitalized patients, we will continue to lift them up and anyone who asks us to keep them in prayer. 
Kim Sokolow remains at Select Specialty hospital.  Per her sister, Donna, her right side has become somewhat paralyzed.  She is off the ventilator.  They are ‘sizing” down her tracheotomy to hopefully remove it. Kim, as you recall was on ECMO because her lungs has shut down with the exposure to the H1N1 flu.  Prayers please! 
Shirley Oliver also remains at Select Specialty hospital.  Per her daughter, Tina, mom had been doing “GREAT”! The doctors and staff had sized down her tracheotomy, her kidney function was nearly normal. She was doing so well that she was to be transferred to a nursing care facility near Evergreen, AL.  Like all of our families, they were not allowed to visit their hospitalized loved ones.  Tuesday night, Shirley stopped breathing.  The doctors believed she developed a mucous plug.  She in on a ventilator in the ICU at Select.  She is stable, but what a set-back.  Please also keep her in your prayers. 
With all of this going on, we continue to renovate the 110 West Strong Street property.  I will share on Facebook pictures of the progress that has occurred in the carriage house.  Exterior nearly done.  Inside both upstairs and down stairs in the two out-patient chemotherapy/infusion/radiation efficiencies all of the drywall and wall painting is done.  Interior doors are going in.  Decking upstairs is coming.  Have ready showers, toilets, sinks, etc.  A lot going on.  Yet, the workers have remained a “safe” distance apart to get their working done.  Plumbers one day, drywall another.  You get the picture. 
I have this decal on my van.  “It’s Not About Us, It’s All About Him”I placed it on my van more than two years ago.  Well before Pastor Dave came to our church.  Dave has repeatedly expressed this quote (which by the way there are over 16 verses throughout the bible that describe this quote) nearly every Sunday in his messages.  God reminded me one more time two weeks ago that He is STILL in control.  I need to explain:
Years ago, I was a small breeder of puppies.  The puppies actually financed the current Vineyard here at 111 Euclid Street initially.  My business was called “Won by One” Enterprises.  Yes, named after Our Lord. I am out of this business.  Way too busy with two houses to take care of.  BUT, because of my past reputation, I still get requests.   As so many of your know, our son, Marc is deployed on the U.S.S. Eisenhower.  He is now 8 time zones ahead of us.  Somewhere over near the Middle East.  Because of COVID-19, there will be no “ports of call” for the entire fleet.  His carrier alone has over 6,000 people on it.  Yes, a floating city, and Yes, a lot of stress. 
I am about to tie together these two stories. 
Marc’s friend, Dave Murphy back in Virginia had called me months ago about obtaining a puppy.  Their small dog had passed and his 11 year old daughter really wanted a replacement.  When I stopped breeding, I placed my moms and dads with my friend an AKC breeder back in Indiana.  I was able to get a litter.  The plan was originally to send the puppy after April 1st.  Sunday, March 29th.  I “felt” the need to call Delta Pet Cargo and see how this COVID-19 was affecting shipments of animals.  I was told, “Funny you are calling, we are shutting down all shipments after March 31,2020 due to COVID-19.”  Oh boy, we needed to ship “Rex” quickly if he was going to get that seat.  I “happened” to have the manager of our vet on my phone.  Texted her and she assured me that Rex would get his health and flight certificate on Monday, March 31.  I called back Delta Pet Cargo to register Rex and at the same time, got Dave to text me his information to put on the Air Way Bill.  
Tuesday morning 4 am.I was at Delta Pet Cargo to ship Rex.  Jim, was the agent whom I have known for years.  He explained that the flight out was canceled.  And the next flight also.  This was awful.  We had to get Rex to Norfolk Virginia March 31st or he would not be going. I explained to Jim there was a little girl waiting for this puppy and how important it was to her.  He went back to his computer and started clicking.  “Come back at 11 am”, he told me.  There was one flight out at 1:15 pm that had not been canceled yet.  Rex made it to Norfolk, Virginia at 9:30 pm that night.  Kenedy cried all the way home holding her new puppy.  I kept thinking about how God had a significant hand in getting Rex literally the last “ticket on the train” that day.  I was going to charge the Murphy’s exactly what I had paid for Rex, $750.  But, in my heart, I knew I couldn’t.  Everything about the “God-ci-dence” of obtaining Rex at just the right age, getting him to the vet, getting a ticket to Virginia, was too real.  I wrote a fairly long email to Marc that night explaining to him the entire list of “God-ci-dences” that occurred that day.  I told him he needed to explain to the Murphys why I could not charge them for this puppy.  
Marc called me back the next day.  He was able to get a satellite phone.  It was our first conversation since he deployed in early January.  He said, “Mom, you have NO idea how much I needed to hear this story.  It has been so rough and tense out here!”  With the COVID-19 they had been informed of no “ports of call” possibly for this entire cruise.  This deployment can possibly last until fall of 2021.  As a Chief, he has 29 sailors he is responsible for, plus dealing with all of the other stressors going on.  
He told me talked to Dave who was just “amazed” about this gift. 
Dave called me later.  I needed to explain to him that we initially thought this puppy was for Kenedy, his daughter.  No, this “puppy” blessing was for Marc.  This testimony was just what Marc needed to hear.  That God was still in control.  
But, this is not the end of the story.  
In MY humanism, I was worried about how COVID-19 was going to affect our donation base.  Yes, we are continuing to renovate the 110 West Strong Street property.  Yes, we continue to finance and maintain both properties.  God showed me He returns to us what we freely give. 

Hebrews 13:16 ESV 

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God

After my email to Marc, I realized I had not been to the mailbox.  I found a sweet note in memory of her husband, and a check for $4,000! A couple of days later, a check for $1000 from a another in memory of their loved one. The following Monday, a check from our church. Members can donate to us through First Baptist.  Another check for $2,045.!Three checks totally $450. An online donation of $25Totally,  $7520!!
Add it up, TEN times what we had given up!  It was an emotional reminder that “GOD has This!”  
It is ALL About Him!  

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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