Hurricane Michael Up Dates of Families staying here and other Prayer Up Dates

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October 29, 2018
Dear Family and Friends:
Going to try and give you an update on all our families. We have been taking care of families of patients from Panama City, Port St. Joe, Calloway, Mexico Beach, and surrounding cities affected by Hurricane Michael.  There are NO hospitals fully functioning in these areas.  At best, there is a make-shift emergency room at Bay Medical, the once largest hospital in Panama City.  Some power is coming on. MUCH work has to be done to get all of these areas up and re-built again.
As you have been reading, The Vineyard Family House has literally become the hurricane relief center for hospice and cancer treatment families.  We will be looking for a second home to take in Ms. Gloria who underwent a radical double mastectomy this past Friday.  She will have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy according to her sister, Theresa.  We cannot take in cancer treatment families because of the possible exposure of infections of our other in-house families.  We will provide for our host families food and necessities for these families staying.  with them.
Our current Vineyard Family House is 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms with Dennis and I living in the attached garage. But, as you have been reading, we have been hosting several families at a time only because of the generosity of our host families.  IF you can donate to us, this blessing will be shared with these current and incoming families.  We will also share these funds with on-going hurricane relief projects.  We have been told because of lack of power, looting has occurred wide-spread due to no security systems working.  Therefore, families have had to decide whether to come and be with hospitalized family members or stay home and secure their homes.
Mrs. Pat Nowell: a transfer from Panama City.  Son, Bobby has been staying with us for a couple of weeks now.  Per Bobby, his mom to very close to going Home.  His sister comes from Panama City as much as she can.  Bobby has shared with us his mother knows she has a place in Heaven waiting for her.  Please keep them all in your prayers today.
Thomas Warner is in a regular room at West Florida hospital.  He told Bob Greene our visiting pastor that he knows he has stage 4 brain cancer, but just wants to go home.  He, too, is from Panama City, a hurricane Michael transfer.  Son, Joshua tries to come over as much as he can, but he is one of those families trying to keep his home secure.
Gloria Allen.  From the Kiln, MS area.  She had the radical, double mastectomy surgery this past Friday.  Was discharged Sunday.  Was to come back today for a follow-up appointment with her oncologist per her sister, Theresa.  I am going to find a host family for them to stay in while Gloria undergoes both infusion and radiation chemo-therapy.
Michael Freeman: will be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy 3-4 times a week for throat cancer.  They will be staying with Ken H., one of our host families.  They are from the Florala, AL area.  Wife, Barbara will be there to take care of her husband.
Lisa Brammer:  Currently in Sacred Heart hospital.  They, are from the Port St. Joe area that was also hit by Michael.  Husband, Hobert will be staying with us.
Amy Walker: was transferred to University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham, AL.  Per Amy, she has received blood, several rounds of antibiotics and is to have another bone marrow test to determined where she is at with here Acute Myoblastic Leukemia.  (AML)  She can only receive a bone marrow transplant if she is in remission.  Which, she is not at this time.  Amy is just 34 years young.  Mom of two boys, ages 10 and 14.  She has a loving fiance’, Rody.  Amy is requesting any prayers you can say for her.  We provide Amy and Rody food, toiletries, and necessities for her stay even in Birmingham. Yes, I will mail her a “care” package.  Each time she has been admitted, I get this sweet lady whatever she puts on her list.  She deserves to be pampered!  Please keep her in your prayers.  She is very sick right now.
Blessings to all of you!  Again, PLEASE, you can do so through the DONATE button on either our website:
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
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