New Houseguests, New Updates, and Much Prayer Needed

Dear Family and Friends:

In early January, we finally were able to get a long awaited needed spray foam insulation project done in the main house.  Koala Insulation did a phenomenal job!  We highly recommend them!

We welcome Michelle and Rex S. of Century, FL.  Per MIchelle, Rex has started both chemotherapy and radiation for esophageal cancer. Asking for your prayers during this time of treatment and recovery.  They expect to be with us the next 5 ½ weeks.

We also welcome back the Bruni family!  Briggs, as you recall, had a stroke back in October, 2023. Briggs is just 35 years young. She is going to out-patient physical, speech, and occupational therapy at West Florida Rehabilitation center here in Pensacola.  Her mom, Anne, and Terryl, Brigg’s sister are here to “cheer” her on during therapy.  Briggs is doing Awesome!!

We welcomed in today Jesse P. and daughter, Lisa.  Wife/mom Dorothy P. is critically ill. .  She is in acute kidney failure. She is a patient in the Sacred Heart hospital ICU.  This family is from Mexico Beach, FL.  Asking for your prayers. 

Please keep Tilo L. and his entire family in your prayers.  We have had this family since December 22, 2023.  Mr. Tilo initially showed great promise recovering from his stroke he had in early December.  Per Joseph, his son-in-law today, Tilo has been placed in hospice care.  As per their wishes, he is being transported back to Texas this coming Saturday to be near family and friends in his own home.  Ms. Paulo, his wife, told me yesterday that Tilo knows in his heart his Lord.  She draws great strength from this.  But it is so sad too.  Tilo is just 55 years young. 



Marty Tackett

Resident Servant

Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola a.k.a.