Martha’s Vineyard House Guest Updates

Marty TackettNews

November 7, 2015

Dear Family & Friends:
Last night, Ezequeiel went peacefully to the Lord surrounded by many of the family members. We were honored to be able to host this past two weeks 14 of the Cuevas family. They would come quietly, in small groups, always very respectful, and always very appreciative of Martha’s Vineyard. Jacob, the oldest brother was able to speak the most English, but language was never a barrier here when it came to understanding their grief. He asked me “What do they owe us?” To me, this is greatest blessing I get to share, “Nothing”. “We are here for you and your family if you need us further” Their faith, Catholic, was very strong. A very good friend of ours makes the most beautiful rosaries. She made one just for Jacob two days ago. It gave him much strength, and such a blessing. God’s timing again. Please pray for them as they take Ezequeiel home to Mexico in the next few days to be buried there.

For some time, Dennis’ brother, Doug Tackett, has been battling Liver cancer. Doug is Stage 4. He was given a two year life span June, 2013. Doug, is an alcoholic, but has been sober since early 2013.
Tuesday night, Doug had a really bad seizure. His ammonia levels were off the charts. He is down to about 130 lbs. Dennis knew it was time to fly north to Louisville, KY to see his brother. This could be that last time. He & Doug got to have that all important brother to brother talk. Doug started out wishing he had done a lot more with his life like Dennis had done. Dennis got him to talk about what he had accomplished. Then, Doug asked him about “being saved”. Dennis had Doug talk to God about what he had done, why he wanted God in HIS heart, and accepted Christ into his heart as if he were talking to God himself.

It was quite a meaningful conversation.
Score: God: One, Satan: Zero

Love, Always in His Name!

Marty Tackett
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola