New Guests, Updates, and a Wonderful Renovation Vineyard Family Open House !!

Dear Family and Friends:

We have been busy! We welcome Linda S. who’s husband, Justin S., just 37 years young, is at Sacred Heart hospital in critical condition, on a ventilator, and per Linda, has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. Asking for all of your prayers. We welcome the family of Debbie R. Her 3 adult children, and their dad are here from Dothan, AL. Ms. Debbie is in ICU at Sacred Heart hospital. Keeping their entire family in our prayers. Mr. Saverio Christina was transferred to New Orleans at a rehabilitation center last week! Per Sal, his brother who has been staying with us, and his sister, Angie, Saverio, had become stable enough to be transferred back to his hometown! His family is overwhelmed with all of your prayers to bring Sav home again. He has many steps to go, but what an accomplishment he has obtained! Our out-patient chemotherapy and radiation therapy patient, Janet Allen of Atmore, AL completed all her treatments and was able to go home! Her family is so elated! Many thanks for all your prayers. She prays she will not need us again, but has our number on “speed dial” if she does! We have two more families pending to come! Our Open House Renovation Invitation has definitely sparked interest in all our area hospitals, rehabilitation, & hospice centers. MANY thanks to ALL our volunteers who came and made the open house a success. Thanks to Bill Warren playing his harp, and Patty and Charlie McDonner (Carriage House #2 is named for Charlie), who traveled all the way from Indiana to sing and play for us.


Marty Tackett

Resident Servant

Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola a.k.a.

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