New House Guests, and Martha’s Vineyard Updates

Marty TackettNews

Dear Family and Friends:
Our sincere prayers go out to all who were affected by hurricane, Michael.  We prepared as best as we could, and so very thankful for all of the volunteers who came before and after the storm.  We are so thankful also for all the wonderful assistance in getting the two back bedrooms re-set up after having the floors either re-done, or new hardwood flooring installed.
The day after Michael barreled through Panama City, Mexico Beach, and surrounding areas, we received a call that both hospitals in Panama City had major damage and patients would be transferred to Sacred Heart hospital and other Ascension Health hospitals across Florida and Alabama.  Hospice patients would be transferred to West Florida and Sacred Heart Hospice centers.  Nurses were coming in from Birmingham, AL to assist with the patient overflow.  Yesterday we hosted six nurses who drove  in after their night shift and needed to get some much needed rest before going on duty last night.  Right before they left for their shift they were told to pack up again and that they were to move to a larger beach house on Pensacola Beach.  They didn’t want to leave the Vineyard!  They liked where they were staying!  And, all of the homemade soups here. But, they had to leave.
Wednesday, we welcomed in Chontell Thompson of Houston, TX.  Her son, Donald Thompson was initially admitted to Baptist hospital for pneumonia.  Unfortunately, infection set in and he is now on ECMO, a heart-lung assist machine that has increased his oxygen carrying capacity and greatly assist his ventilator settings.  Donald is 24 years old.  He is starting to show some improvement, but is still very critical.
We had been told to possibly expect nine families for hospice transfer patients.  We sent out two Facebook requests for assistance within our community.  So many people came forward with assistance.  I was able to place a family of five with Angie L. of Milton whose father and grandfather, Daniel Brown, 86 years old is at West Florida Hospice.  All of the family has come from Panama City.  Most of them have lost their homes there.  Yet, due to such generosity, they are all together for their father, and grandfather.
Helen McBride and her friend, Karen Piper have traveled in from Tennessee to be with her brother, “Craig” Charles Malone who is also at West Florida hospice.  They are now staying with us.
I have been told other family members are coming from Panama City and surrounding areas, but due to the fact they are trying to make repairs, gather belongings, and secure their homes, their travel times here may be delayed.  Because so many have come forward, we will be able to find them a loving, warm, and secure place to stay in the coming weeks.
You ALL have become the hands and feet of Christ.  Blessings.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servant
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola