New House Guests and Praises!

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Dear Family and Friends:
Last week we had the pleasure to host the Smith family.  Wife/mother Darlene was transferred from Lake City, FL to West Florida Hospital for congestive heart failure.  We had James, her husband, and Derek, her son as houseguests.  It took just two days for the cardiologists to run a multitude of tests and re-configure her medications to get Ms. Darlene feeling so much better.  She called me this past weekend just to say “thank you” for taking such good care of her family.  So glad we could help!
We also welcomed in Sandra B’s husband, Tom who is staying with us.  Sandra, per Katie her daughter, is in congestive heart failure also.  She is in the ICU at West Florida hospital. Tom shared with us last night she was put on a ventilator to assist her breathing.  The family is asking for prayers for Ms. Sandra.  She is very sick.  This family is from Andalusia, AL.  
Merrill shared with us that his sweet wife, Sharon is now going blind in both of her eyes from her cancer.  Her vision is limited to shadows only.  Her daughter, Rhonda from Illinois has been staying with us assisting mom in her daily care here at the Vineyard.  This sweet couple started staying with us early January.  Please continue to keep Sharon in your prayers as she undergoes chemotherapy.  Home health comes twice a week here to also assist in her care.  
On April, 27, 2021, we welcomed in the Pell family.  Husband/dad, Chris had a severe stroke at just 49 years young.  We hosted this family for a month.  Today, Chris, his wife, Paige, daughters, and sister-in-law all came by to say “Hi”.  Chris walked into this house and gave Dennis and I the best hug.  He personally wanted to thank us for taking care of his family.  WOW!  He is a miracle.  He continues to have physical therapy every week.  Paige is his biggest cheerleader.  It was amazing to hear him speak so well.  He sang “Walking through the Fire” this past Sunday at his church in Albertville, Alabama!  His family was told Chris would be a “human vegetable” at best.  BUT, Our God knows better!  

God is good… All the time!! 
Spring is in the air here at the Vineyard.  Our irises started blooming last week!  Thank you again Summit Landscaping and Panhandle Growers for all the beautiful flowering plants!  Literally something is blooming 12 months out of the year here! 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!

Marty & Dennis Tackett

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Spring is here at the Vineyard Family House!!!
Chris Pell, wife, Paige on the left, daughters and sister-in-law