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Dear Family and Friends:
Today we welcomed in the family of Michelle Fawks.  Husband, David, and sons, Ryan McDonald and Kaleb, will be staying with us. Per her sons, they had gathered this past weekend for a family reunion.  Michelle had become ill with severe headaches.  Initially at Santa Rosa Medical Center in Milton, FL, she was air-flighted to Sacred Heart for a brain aneurysm.  Today, she had a drain placed for increased intercranial pressures per her sons.  Michelle is just 51 years young.  She is very critical.  Ryan is from Oviedo, Florida.  Kaleb is from Birmingham, Alabama.  Kaleb’s wife and two children are also here.  They are staying with friends so the guys can all share the one room we have available.  
Christy Taylor is showing more responses per Sherry her mom who is staying with us.  Christy had a serious stroke and had some bleeding in her brain also per Sherry.  She remains on full life support with a tracheotomy. Leslie Taylor, Christy’s dad will not leave his daughter’s bedside.  This family is from the Panama City, Florida area. 
Tom Gorman remains at Sacred Heart hospital following a severe stroke per Robin, his wife who is back with us.  Robin was telling me today she is to meet with the planning team Thursday.  She is trying very hard to get Tom placed in a facility near their Miramar Beach Florida.  Tom continues to have great difficulty speaking per Robin. 
Have heard from John Jester.  He was able to fly with the medical team and his mom to Durham, North Carolina to Duke University.  He was telling me yesterday that both the liver and blood specialists are combining their expertise to try and come up with a plan of action to get Donna Lynn Jester-Shanks liver and blood hematology working again.  He said please keep praying.  She remains on a ventilator. 
I am including a couple of pictures of Cathy Paterson.  Talking to Karen today, she has lost both daughters, Anne and Cathy, and her husband, Neil to Huntington’s disease.  A genetic disease, so little is really understood about this disease.  I am including a website in honor of the Paterson family for you to read and learn more about Huntington’s disease.

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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