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November 6, 2018
Dear Family and Friends:
We continue to pray for all of our families who’s lives were impacted by Hurricane Michael.  Rebuild is going to be very long and tiresome.  So many of our area churches are going to the entire impacted area to assist the communities.  With our church, First Baptist and Christian Ministries, we are partnering together to assist a area called Wewahitchka. FL, just north of Panama City.  They have just three churches I believe.  A community of about 150 people.  All three churches and many of the houses received damage.  This is where we are centering our support along with area disaster relief groups in Panama City, FL.
We have never before asked for assistance, but we need it.  Both the Face Book and our website, websites’ have a  DONATE button. We continue to assist a number of families from the Hurricane Michael impacted areas.
Lisa Brammer.  From the Port St. Joe, FL area.  This area was nearly destroyed by Michael.  Husband, Hobert continues to ask for prayers for his wife, Lisa.  He was able to bring her home with a tracheotomy, feeding tube in her stomach.  She has had multiple systemic infections and has a very long way to recovery.   But, Hobert is devoting himself full time to his wife.  He was very appreciative of our visits and prayers.
Michael Freeman.  From Florala, AL.  Throat cancer.  Wife, Barbara brings her husband in 3-4 times a week for radiation in the morning and chemotherapy in the afternoon.  Ken H. has opened his home to this lovely couple to just stay, rest, and recover between the six hour therapies each day they travel in.  We cannot shelter any chemotherapy patients at this time because of the risk of exposing them to infections from our other families.  Please pray that in our new, bigger, home we will have the ability to have separate, one-bedroom suites to house our chemotherapy out patients and their families!
Sylvia Taylor.  One of are new families.  Ms. Sylvia is at West Florida hospice center.  According to daughter, Sharon Edery, mom has a stage 4 brain tumor.  She is hoping to be here by tomorrow.  She has to wait for a visa approval from the U.S. Sharon lives in Ontario, Canada.  We here at the Vineyard have a room ready for her.
Michael Miller.  Another new family.  Pancreatic Cancer.  Sacred Heart Hospice unit. Michael is from the devastated Lynn Haven, FL area.  Daughters Vanessa Davis from Lynn Haven; and, Tiffany Miller from Edgewater MD, switch off to take care of their each two small children so that Dad has someone with him.  We visit and pray for this family.  Vanessa or Tiffany is welcome to come here at the Vineyard Family house and wash clothes, grab a meal, snacks or whatever she needs.
Amy Walker.  Ms. Amy has been in and out of Sacred Heart several times.  She has AML, Acute Myoblastic Leukemia. She was transferred to U.A.B. last weeks.  Talked with her yesterday.  She is very sick prayer partners.  The doctors are trying different antibiotics, chemo-therapies, and  blood transfusions to get her healthy enough for a bone marrow transplant. When Amy was here, we assisted them with food, personal items, and gas money.  We were able to send them much needed funds for daily parking, food, gas money, etc. As so many of our families have said to us, it is the “little things” that they so appreciate when they stay with us.  Thanks Charlie H. for the drop off of personal items for our families!
Sheila Lee.  Another new family.  Mom, Carolyn Durkee is now staying with us.  She explained to us that her daughter has a rare blood disorder that basically has the white blood cells attacking the red blood cells.  Sheila has a lung infection because of her inability to fight infections.  She is on a ventilator and has a tracheotomy.  She is just 47 years young prayer partners.  Has a husband and two teenage daughters in Crestview, FL.  Sheila is at Sacred Heart hospital in the ICU.
Stephen Bairos.  From the Valpraiso,FL area.  Daughter, Shonna Bairos shared with us that dad has leukemia, COPD lung disease, and an severe lung infection.  Her friend, Tyler DePriest came with her to support Shonna.  They are from Atlanta, Georgia.  They are staying with Bob and Penny C.
Sorry, just a whole lot of people here that are VERY sick.  Please continue to pray for each one by name this week.  These families have asked for any and all prayers.  Donations are SO appreciated and as you have just read, are so badly needed.
Blessings to all of you.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
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