New House Guests and Prayer Up Dates here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:
Tomorrow we welcome in two new families.  Jennifer Hill, mother of 4 beautiful children, was born with Kawasaki disease.  A heart condition that can cause some serious heart valve issues.  Steven, her husband are coming in tomorrow night to be at Sacred Heart hospital at 5 am on Monday for Jennifer to undergo two heart valve replacements.  This is serious stuff, prayer warriors.  All prayers on deck for this surgery!  Jennifer is just 30 years young.  Grandmas Suetta Hill and Vurgie Avila will be home back in Niceville, FL to watch the children while Steven is here. Will keep you all posted on Jennifer’s post-op condition.
We also, tomorrow, will welcome in Diane and Hayes Morris.  Grand-daughter, Paisley Lindsey sustained some very serious injuries this past Wednesday night from a car accident.  Per Hayes, Paisley has two broken femurs (upper leg bones) and a hip fracture.  Paisley is just 7 years old.  She is at Sacred Heart Children’s hospital.  This family is from Lynn Haven, FL; i.e., Hurricane Michael territory.  Because there isn’t a hospital there, Ms. Paisley had to be transferred to Sacred Heart Children’s for surgery.  We are going to see a lot of families for a very long time because of the destruction Hurricane Michael caused.
John Venincasa who has been a patient at Sacred Heart since November 9, suffered a stroke while on vacation from St. Louis, MO.  Wife, Mary, and daughter, Jamie were staying with one of our back-up families.  Through the only non-for-profit medical flight team, Grace on Wings, John is to go home tomorrow!  Please pray for continued recovery for John and safe traveling for Mary and Jamie as they return home by car.  A couple of years ago we were introduced to this all-volunteer medical team, Grace on Wings, when they came to transport a family member of one of our house guests.  They provide a much needed service, all for the price of fuel only.  Blessings to them!
Sheila Lee was transferred to Select Specialty hospital.  Her mother, Carolyn has been staying with us.  Sheila, as you recall has a rare bone marrow disease.  Per Carolyn, Sheila is not responding to the chemotherapy the doctors have been trying to get her body back into remission.  Sheila has a husband, and two teen age daughters.  If a turn-around is going to happen, it needs to happen fairly soon for her.  Please keep Ms. Sheila in your prayers.  She is just 46 years young.
Sylvia Taylor was placed in Covenant hospice care this past Wednesday according to daughter, Sharon Edery, who has been staying with us from Toronto, Canada.  Per Sharon, her mother had brain cancer surgery that has not gone well and her mother had become uncommunicative and can’t tolerate nourishment any longer.  To make matters even more grave, Sharon’s visa would not allow her to stay any longer either, so Sharon had to catch a plane back to Canada late Wednesday also.  When I last spoke to her, she did not know when or if she could come back before her mother is no longer with us.  We, of course, will continue to stop by and pray for Ms. Sylvia.
A quick update on Amy Walker who has AML leukemia.  She is back at University of Alabama medical center for tests to determine if all of the chemotherapy she has undergone has put her in remission.  IF, it has worked, there is a bone marrow match!  Please keep Ms. Amy in your prayers.  A mom of two teens, and just 34 years young, she has a chance with this bone marrow transplant.  Fiance’ Rody has been beside her all of this time.  Please continue those prayers!
Blessings to all of you!
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
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