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Dear Family and Friends:
We welcomed in yesterday the family of Corey Lovett who is a patient at Gulf Breeze Baptist hospital.  Corey is having repeat seizures and is on full life support according to parents, Rick and Lisa Lovett. Corey is just 29 years young.  His fiance’ Crystal is with them here at the Vineyard.  This family is from Talladega, AL.  
We also welcome in the family if Kenneth Powell, who is in hospice care at the Covenant in Sacred Heart hospital.  This family is from the Panama City, FL areas of Altha, and Lynn Haven.  An aunt is also coming from Bedford, VA. 
Larry Buchanan is making progress according to wife, Judy and their two daughters who are staying with us.  Larry is still in the SICU at Baptist hospital.  Larry had a hemorrhagic stroke now about a week ago.  His blood pressure and intracranial pressure have been up and down according to Judy, but appears to be stabilizing.   These folks are from the Mobile, AL area.  Judy was telling me that because there were no beds is the reason that Larry was transferred here.  Great people!
Eldon Padilla is making progress at West Florida Rehabilitation.  Eldon sadly had to have his left leg below his knee amputated because after his stroke last year, he had great difficulty walking and developed a non-healing sore on the side of his foot.  He appeared in great spirits when I was visiting both he and his wife, Sarah.  Sarah is staying with him but comes over to the Vineyard to wash her clothes and grab a bite to eat.  This sweet couple is from the Panama City, FL area also. 
Received word that Ryder William Mabe was born 2/16/19 @ 10:15 am without incident.  He weighed in at 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches long!  mom. Jessy, his mom, had some initial blood pressure issues but has since “mellowed out” according to his proud grandmothers. They are keeping a close watch on Ryder in the NICU at Sacred Heart hospital.  Prayers answered!!!
We extend our condolences to the following families:  Jessie Jemison who passed this past Thursday night.  Mom, Bettye Jemison and fiance’ Michelle Lewis, along with Jessie’s daughters had been staying with us.  They are from the Foley AL area.  Per Ms. Bettye, her son’s heart was damaged after 4 cardiac arrests and the double pneumonia. Jessie was just 45 years young.
We also extend our condolences to the family of Jim Fcego.  Wife, Jenna had been staying with us.  Per Jenna, they had been staying in Orange Beach, AL as snow birds from Bonne Terre, MO, when Jim got very sick.  Sadly, she said he had two really bad cardiac arrests that weakened his heart. He passed late Saturday night.
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servant
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House
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