New House Guests and Prayer Up Dates here at the Vineyard!

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Dear Family and Friends:
We welcomed in the wife of Kenneth Dean today.  A few days ago while working at Naval Air Station, Ken’s work partner found Ken unresponsive.  He was quickly rushed to Sacred Heart hospital, where according to Mary, his wife, Ken had apparently been born with an arterial ventricular malformation (AVM), at the base of his brain. Simply put, a brain aneurysm.  It had started “leaking” blood into his brain, per Mary.  He is still listed in critical condition in the ICU.  Their home is actually in Illinois.  Mary will be sharing a room with Bill Sedlar’s daughter, Penny who is due here this coming Friday.  Bill Sedlar is staying the nights at Sacred Heart.  His wife is recovering from a stroke.  She, too, is in the ICU there at Sacred Heart hospital.  Bill was telling me today that Jean is doing fairly well.  He comes over to the Vineyard pretty much every day to grab a bite to eat and take a shower.  The Sedlars are from Wisconsin.  They were “snow birding” over in Orange Beach, AL, when Jean had her stroke.  Really sweet people.
Eldon Padilla had a rough week last week while in rehabilitation at West Florida hospital.  He started having increased work of breathing that required oxygen.  Sara, his wife believes he had an lung infection that ensued the difficult breathing.  They are from the Panama City, FL area.  We are praying he does better and gets to go home soon.
Paul Breslin remains in the hospice unit at Covenant Care in Sacred Heart hospital.  His sister, Elizabeth and brother-in-law, Bill are staying with us.  They are from the Tuscaloosa, AL area.  We were so thankful to hear that they had no home damage from the 21 tornadoes that touched down just two days ago.  You see, Ms. Elizabeth shared with me that she has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.  She requires oxygen 24/7.  Her husband, Bill, who is just a delight, had a major stroke 3 years ago that left him legally blind. As Bill has said to me, “I can’t see, and Liz can’t breathe”. “We make a unique pair!”  And I think some days I have something to complain about.  These two are amazing!  Paul is Elizabeth’s brother.  Prayers to all of them.
Larry Buchanon continues to improve per his wife, Judy.  He is to have an internal shunt done tomorrow at Baptist hospital.  Larry, as you recall, had a hemorrhagic stroke now 4 weeks ago.  It is his family’s prayer request that he does well with the surgery, get moved to the next level of care in the PCU, and then perhaps be moved to a rehabilitation center in Mobile, AL, nearer to their home.  We have been hosting his wife, Judy, and their three daughters here at the Vineyard.
Thanks Bob & Toni G. for continuing to care for house guests Margaret Giguere and Donna Jordan who are here to finish up their father’s house after moving him to Boston, MA after his stroke.
Please keep all of these families in your prayers tonight and in the coming days.
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servant
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House
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