New House Guests and Prayer Updates here at the Vineyard!

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Dear Family and Friends:
Welcomed in Gina and Joe Hill today.  They are the parents of Cari Hill.  Cari is a resident of Pace, FL.  Parents are from Yankeetown, FL.  Cari was with friends this past Saturday night at Pensacola Beach.  Per her parents, she had returned to her car to retrieve an item when she was hit from behind by a driver who left the scene.  Cari has very little memory of the event.  Her friends found her face down unconscious.  They did not know she had a broken left hip, left collar bone, and nearly every rib on both left and right sides of her chest.  They picked her up and took her to Gulf Breeze Baptist hospital.  The emergency room personnel realized quickly she was a major trauma patient and sent her on to Baptist hospital here in Pensacola.  Cari had her hip pinned today, and her clavicle plated.  She is in the SICU at Baptist.  Cari is just 41 years young.  
Heard from John Jester today also.  His mom, Donna Lynn Jester-Shanks is off the ventilator!  Her kidneys are not functioning yet per John.  Her liver is not up to appropriate levels either, but, she knows where she is and she is SO much better than she was!  John has asked up to please keep praying for her.  She has made great strides, and wants to get better! 
Christy Taylor, per her mom, Sherry who is staying with us is doing a little better.  She remains on full life support for the stroke and brain bleed.  Per Sherry, she is not moving her left side at all.  She will make purposeful movements of the right though.  This family is from the Panama City, Florida area.  Ms. Christy is just 39 years young. 
Michelle Fawks, per her husband David, is doing a little better too.  Michelle had a brain aneurysm now two weeks ago.  One of her sons, Kaleb, or Ryan, will trade out with David so that Michelle has a family member with her 24 hours a day.  Michelle and David are from Alabaster, Alabama.  
Tom Gorman is doing better too per Robin who is now “bunking” with Sherry.  It was the only way to take in the Hills!  But, these ladies don’t care.  It’s called a bed to sleep in.  Robin is trying her best to have Tom transferred closer to their home in Miramar Beach, Florida.  Tom had his stroke May 15, 2019 of this year.  
Please remember to keep all our families in your prayers please.  We know God has them in His Hands!Another quick update:  Debbie Mason has started her radiation therapy as of yesterday in Panama City, Florida.  She came by last night for a bed so she could quickly pick up a couch and dining room furniture for their new home in Panama City.  Their current home has severe mold from Hurricane Michael of last year.  Husband, Bruce made it home from nearly 3 weeks here at Select hospital from congestive heart failure.  
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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