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Dear Family and Friends:

Blessings to all of you as we begin 2020 this week.  We look forward with great excitement in the coming year as we move into 110 West Strong Street.  This property will allow us to increase the number of families we will be able to care for.  In addition, we will be renovating the carriage house to also  care for out-patient chemotherapy/infusion/radiation patients and their caregiver.  We will also be caring for post-operative kidney transplant patients and their caregivers as one of our area hospitals  are now doing kidney transplants.  Per the transplant coordinator, the transplant patient must remain within this area for a minimum of four weeks.  Our prayers for 2020 are that God will continue to bless this ministry and allow us to physically and spiritually care for our families.

We welcomed in the family of Reagan Roberts yesterday.  Reagan, just 41 years young of Gautier, MS.  He became ill with a sepsis pneumonia per his uncle, Kevin who, along with his mom, dad, sister, and grandmother will be staying with us.  Reagan was transferred from Biloxi, MS to Baptist hospital.  He is on full life support  and, ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation), which is a heart-lung assist device.   Reagan is a very sick young man.  Family is coming in from MS, TX, and GA.

We say good-bye to Tez Belcher today.  Her son, Derrick Belcher is being transferred to Colquitt, GA at a rehabilitation center that can continue to care for his tracheotomy needs as well as his three times a week kidney dialysis.  Tez expressed such gratitude of all the prayers said for her son.  She said that he has made progress since he has been here at Select hospital, but because of his dialysis and tracheotomy needs, the number of facilities that can take him are limited.  This move sadly is now going to be further from their home town of Mobile, AL.  Please keep Derrick and his mom in your prayers.  Derrick is 53 years young now.

Robbie French was moved  yesterday to Select hospital.  He is now in room 120.  Robbie is breathing on his own, but remains in a coma per mom, Cheryl  who is staying with us. Robbie continues to require tracheotomy care and has a feeding tube in his stomach.  Cheryl and Tom are to meet with his doctors this week to discuss several medical issues concerning Robbie. Robbie had a massive hemorrhagic stroke November 18.  Robbie is just 52 years young.

Chris Hubbard is due to go back to Baptist hospital January 2, 2020.  Per mom, Kathleen, his mom, he is to have the stent removed as well as remaining kidney stone.  She and James, his dad, are anxious for him to resume physical therapy and get walking again.  He has been eating per mouth and has had the feeding tube removed also.  Chris, as you recall is recovering from stage 4 COPD and severe asthma.  He is just 45 years young.  He has been a patient at Consulate rehabilitation center here in Pensacola.

Carolyn Durkee of Baker, FL is doing well with her out-patient radiation treatments for breast cancer.  She has been staying with one of our wonderful back-up host homes.  She is hopeful that this week will be her last round of treatments. 

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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Christmas night at 110 West Strong Street
Christmas night at 110 West Strong Street in the Dining Room
Christmas night at 110 West Strong Street in the living room