New House Guests and Prayer Updates here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:
We welcomed in the family of Claudia McClellan who is now in hospice care at Sacred Heart.  Sister, Karen and niece, Shannon will be staying with us.  They are from Alabama.  Please keep them in your prayers.
We also will welcome back Sharon Edery from Canada as she is coming back in tomorrow to finish all she needs to do after her mother passed December 19 while in hospice care.  Please continue to pray for her as she completes all of those details.
We had a short, but nice return of the Raffield family from Panama City, FL.  Douglas Sr. was re-admitted at Sacred Heart for congestive heart failure.  After a couple of days of IV’s, and new medications, he was able to go home late yesterday.  Praying he will be able to stay home with better health.  Doris, his wife was sharing with me that with just over 3000 businesses in Panama City and the surrounding areas, there are less than 100 open at this time after Hurricane Michael.  She and her son, Doug Jr. both feel it will be years before they will re-built.  Please continue to pray for all who were affected by Hurricane Michael.  We have read that Bay Medical Center, a once 320 bed hospital is being bought by Sacred Heart and they are hoping to have 75 beds by the end of 2019.  Both hospitals sustained substantial damage from the hurricane.  We have referrals every week from this area.
Sheila Lee continues to improve at Select Specialty hospital.  She has astounded her doctors and nurses.  Her brother, Donnie is coming in to give Carolyn, Sheila’s mom a break and will be staying with us.  Sheila has been responding very well to the additional chemotherapy for her MDS, a rare bone-marrow cancer.  Sheila is just 47 years young. Has a husband, Eugene, and two teenage daughters back in Crestview who come and see her on the weekends because he has to work.
Sarah Hays, our Pensacola Christian college student was released December 24 for her parents, John and Mary to take her home to Arkansas for further treatment of her encephalitis (basal brain infection).  We were all very worried about Ms. Sarah, but according to her dad, she responded very well to the medications she was given.  Please continue to pray she has a complete recovery.
Canaan Davis, our 21 year old guy who was hit by a dump truck while working in Panama City also was able to be released Christmas Day to be able to go home with his parents also.  He underwent 4 abdominal surgeries to “re-attach”, according to mom, Geri, everything back together.  Wow!  Just wonderful people.  They could not say enough for the prayers sent their way to heal their son..  This family was from Kansas.
We received two calls for lodging before Christmas.  Knowing it would be near impossible to find out-side of the Vineyard housing, we provided three nights of lodging for each of these families.  We are grateful for those donations that have come in.  Sharing what we have been given is a blessing. As we look to 2019, Dennis and I celebrate with all of you the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  His Birth is our reminder that He gave us hope.  Hope and a knowledge that because He came, we would have life everlasting.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
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