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Dear Family and Friends:
A few days ago we welcomed in the mother of Christy Taylor.  She had a major stroke while at home in Panama City, FL.  She was transferred to Sacred Heart hospital now two weeks ago.  She just got a tracheotomy which will make her more comfortable while she is weaned from here ventilator.  Christy is just 39 years young.  Mom, Sherry Wert is staying with us.  Christy’s dad, Leslie is staying at the hospital as much as he can.  We are including a picture of Ms. Christy so you can put a face to her name and your prayers.  Per mom, tonight, Christy has an uphill battle.  She  is not responding much to voice commands, and requires the ventilator to remind her to take deep breaths.  Mom, herself has survived three major strokes.  Just remember to keep her in your prayers tonight. 
Donna Lynn Jester-Shanks has been disconnected from the ECMO (heart-lung assist) and heart balloon pump earlier this week.  She remains on the ventilator.  Per her son, John Jester who has been staying with us, his mom’s liver is “not waking up”.  Her liver enzymes have been going up.  Her kidneys have been slow also to work.  As of tonight, as soon as a MICU (Medical ICU) bed opens at Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC, their medical flight team will be coming to transfer Ms. Donna.  John at this time will be able to fly with his mom and the team.  Donna is seriously ill prayer partners.  She is just 65 years young.  and she is healing from her two neck surgeries and the tear in her heart.  Per John, the doctors feel that her organs have been in different stages of shock from the first two surgeries. 
Tom Gorman remains at Sacred Heart following his stroke July 19.  Wife, Robin, is trying to get him transferred to the Crestview-Destin area to be closer to Miramar Beach, Florida.  She reports that his recovery has been very slow.  She was telling me that his speech has been the most frustrating. He is having a difficult time articulating and she has had a hard time understanding him.  
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!

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John Jester and his mom, Donna from a recent photo.
Christy Taylor