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Dear Family and Friends:
Per Kimberly Sokolow’s family, she is doing a little better on ECMO at Baptist hospital.  ECMO is a heart-lung assist machine that can increase the oxygen capacity of the the blood returning to the heart it allows both the lung and heart to “rest” while the patient is healing.  Kim came from Foley Alabama with the H1N1 flu and was very sick.  She and her husband are from Orlando, FL.  Family are in from Greencastle, IN and Texas.  They are staying with Penny C, one of our back-up homes.  Thank you SO much Penny!
We welcomed in the family of Audrey Berkenpas from Grandville, MI.  She and her husband, Frank; along with 4 other sets of siblings were “snow birding” for the last month in Navarre, FL.  Ms. Audrey became sick, had great difficulty breathing, and is in the ICU at Gulf Breeze Baptist hospital. She is on a ventilator now.  Frank and sister-in-law, Claire are staying at Bob and Toni’s G’s guest cottage.  Thanks so much Bob and Toni!.  
James Clark- Sacred Heart ICU.  James continues to amaze his doctors.  He had been admitted for very high liver enzyme levels that has caused kidney failure.  Per Jimmi, James did responded to some aggressive treatments.  Did some better but has “taken a turn for the worse” per Jimmi this afternoon.  James is just 72 years young. 
Rev. Turpin Ashurst is doing much better per his wife, Angie!  He is at West Florida rehabilitation center for stroke recovery.  Retired Rev. Turpin had his stroke February 3, 2020 while “snow birding” in Orange Beach, AL.  They are originally from Montgomery, AL.  
Kim Marie Denman- Sacred Heart hospital.  Kim underwent a third revision of her shunt this week.  She has moved out of the ICU, is taking steps with assistance!  Hopefully, her tracheotomy will be out this coming Monday per daughter Kelsey!  Their prayers are that Kim will be able to return to West Florida rehabilitation center in a week.  Kim, as you recall had a severe hemorrhagic brain bleed three times.  The first bleed was the first of December.  Kelsey and her dad, Barry started staying with us January 18, 2020. Kim is just 52 years young.  
Tim Anderson – Select Specialty hospital.  Tim, who was very near death 48 days ago, is doing fantastic!  Per his wife, Kelly and mom, Mena, Tim is eating, doing physical therapy every day, and can stand on his own beside his bed or get into a recliner chair beside his bed.  Tim came from Mobile AL with the H1N1 flu.  He was placed on ECMO at Baptist hospital.  Remained on ECMO for 18 days,  He remained on the ventilator another week.  He does not require any oxygen, but is very slowly regaining his strength in his legs and arms.  He is a miracle!  His entire family are so grateful for all of your prayers!  Tim is just 42 years young.
Shirley Oliver – Select Specialty hospital.  Shirley continues to battle a lung infection per her family.  Lamar, her husband is very grateful for all of the prayers.  Shirley had a heart attack that required a stent January 4, 2020.  She developed a lung infection while on the ventilator.  Lamar stays with his wife 24/7.   His daughters come in from Enterprise, AL to visit and be with their mom and dad.  
Chris Hubbard – Consulate rehabilitation center.  Chris required a stent in his kidney following his kidney stones removed February 16, per his parents Kathy and James.  He still requires assistance with walking and remains on oxygen for his stage 4 COPD.  Chris and his family are from Hattiesburg, MS.  Chris is just 45 years young.
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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