New House Guests and Up Dates here at The Vineyard Family House

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Dear Friends and Family:
As I have two reservations coming this week, we continue to grow in the number of families we are taking care of.  Thank you Ken H. for taking in Ryan, Heather, and Caroline Nowell. from Panama City FL.  Ryan’s grandmother, Pat Nowell is in the hospice center at West Florida. Son, Bobby and brother, Don have been staying with us also.
Thomas Warner is in the ICU at West Florida Hospital.  His family has come in from Panama City also.  They will be staying with Penny C, Mr. Warner we have been told is very sick.  Please keep them in your prayers.
Coming in this week is the family of Debbie Frost.  She has an upcoming surgery.  Also, we have the family of Teresa Harper.  She, too, has an upcoming surgery.  Her sister will be staying with us.
The family of Samuel Brown have been staying with one of our host families also.  Thank you Angie L. for opening up your guest house for the children and grandchildren of Mr. Brown.  He, also, has been at West Florida hospice.
Craig Malone’s family had a sweet, personal, service up in Jay, FL this past Thursday night.  Helen McBride who had been staying with us said it was a celebration of his life here and anew in Heaven! They would return back to Hendersonville, TN.
As we continue to take calls, we are grateful to all of you who have offered your homes.  I have been told that more families will be coming.  I continuously hear from our families that it is the “little things,” the “normalcy” of the Vineyard and our guest homes that makes their lives seem “ok” and that they will some day get back their lives.
Blessings to you.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
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