New House Guests and Very Special Prayer Requests

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Dear Family and Friends:
Today we welcome in the the family Eldon Charles Patilla.  Mr. Patilla underwent surgery late last night. Wife, Sarah and sons, Jordan and Craig will be staying with us.  They are from the Hurricane Michael area where sadly, there is no hospital other than an immediate care center. He is at Sacred Heart Hospital.
The news was not good according to Ms. Bettye Jemison, mother to Jessie, who has had a tumultuous month of sickness.  Early January, Jessie was admitted to the hospital in Foley, Alabama with double pneumonia.  Transferred to Baptist hospital here in Pensacola for ECMO, a heart-lung exterior bypass that allowed him to give both his heart and lungs a rest.  Sadly, he has had a serious of cardiac arrests that the EEG, (brain wave test) now shows that he has had moderate to severe brain damage.  His mother told me last night she has made him a DNR.  From the beginning, this mother has trusted God to take care of her only son. She knows he is in God’s hands.  She has shared with me that he knows his Lord as his Savior.  Yet, Jessie is just 45 years young.  Jessie also has two beautiful daughters, and one sister, and one very loving fiance’, Michele.  Please keep this family in your prayers today.
Paul Fulmore continues to improve at West Florida Rehab after a severe stroke.  Daughters, Margaret and Donna have been flying to and from Boston, Massachusetts to be with him and prepare for him to move back to Boston.  They have been staying with our lovely backup, Ms. Mary, who is just 94 years young! Margaret and Donna had the opportunity to visit our church this past Sunday.  Both said, if First Baptist wasn’t so far away, they would be attending!  We have so enjoyed getting to know the Fulmore family.  But, Paul is being transferred to a New Hampshire rehabilitation center near his family next week.
Mikia and Ray St. Pierre’ Hollida were able to finish all that they could do to get  her father, Jerome St. Pierre’ home ready for sale after his burial in Barrancus National Cemetery. They both expressed to us how grateful they were to be able to stay here and for all of the prayers that were sent their way.  They are from San Antonio, TX.
Lastly, I got a call from Amy Walker yesterday.  Amy was diagnosed with AML, (Acute Myoblastic Leukemia) a year ago.  We have been praying for this sweet, 35 year old mother of two.  Amy shared with me that she has no platelets, no white blood cells, and was in the ICU there in Birmingham after apparently a massive seizure the day before.  She said she doesn’t remember it, but was told “they had a very hard time getting her back”.  Amy asked me to just ask you for prayer.  She knows her Lord.  She posted “In the Garden” song and music on her face book page.  Her sons were coming to spend a couple of days with her.  Blessings to their father for doing this.  And, blessings to Rody, her fiance’ for standing by her all of this time. Prayers for her family, prayers for peace.
Blessings to all of you.  Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servant
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House
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