New House Guests, Praises, and Prayer Concerns for our families here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:
We welcomed back an old friend and former house guest of ours: Sherry Wert.  Sherry was with us a little more than 3 months last year when her daughter, Christy Taylor had a massive hemorrhagic stroke.  Christy was re-admitted to Sacred Heart hospital to the ICU for a overwhelming infection this past week.  We are hosting Sherry, her sister, Tina, and grandson here at the Vineyard.  This family is from Panama City, Florida. 
We also welcomed in Michael Holmes of Denver, Colorado.  Sadly, Michael’s father died in a motorcycle accident in which his wife, Michael’s step mother was also injured severely.  Michael is here to arrange for his father Donald Holmes’ funeral.  Please be in prayer for Michael and the family during this time. 
Audrey Berkenpas at Baptist Hospital of Gulf Breeze, FL is now off the ventilator following a stroke early March.  Per her sister, Claire and husband, Frank who are staying at one of our host back-up homes, Audrey’s recovery is going to be a 4-6 month journey per the doctors.  They are going to start researching an air medical team to take her home when she is more stable.  Thank you Angie and Dave for your generosity in taking in this family.  This family is from Michigan. 
Kimberly Sokolow continues to improve slowly at Baptist Hospital here in Pensacola from the H1N1 flu.  Per her family, she is off the ECMO (heart-lung assist machine), but remains on the ventilator.  She and her husband are from Orlando, FL.  Her parents and sister are from Indiana.  Her other sister and brother-in-law are from Texas.  
Shirley Oliver continues to require a ventilator following her heart attack early January.  Her husband, Lamar stays with her 24/7.  We visit and pray with this family and bring some easy-to-fix foods and snacks.  The Olivers are from New Brockton, AL.  Ms. Shirley is just 73 years young. 
Timothy Anderson has “graduated” back to Mobile Infirmary for further physical rehabilitation following his past 7 weeks here initially on ECMO at Baptist hospital and then further rehabilitation at Select hospital.  Tim is truly a miracle!  Just 42 years young, he, also, contracted the H1N1 flu and his lungs “shut down”, per mom, Mena who along with several family members stayed with us over the past 7 weeks.  Tim is on room air and is learning to walk with assistance.  He is improving daily!  His parents, wife, children, and all of his family expressed such gratitude for all of the prayers! 
Kim Denman is also doing fantastic at West Florida Rehabilitation center!  She is walking with assistance on a walker per daughter Kelsey, along with Barry, Kim’s husband who have been staying with us.  She is also on room air now and has begun talking and gradually increasing her diet following her tracheotomy removal per Kelsey.  Kim suffered not once, but three hemorrhagic brain bleeds since November, 2019.  Kim is just 55 years young.  This couple is from Ft. Walton Beach, FL area.  
Chris Hubbard also continues to improve slowly at Consulate Rehabilitation center here in Pensacola per his parents, Kathy and James Hubbard.  Chris continues to require oxygen for his stage 4 COPD and severe asthma.  He is back walking with assistance and hopes to be able to be transferred closer to home in Hattiesburg, MS.  
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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