New House Guests, Prayer Updates, and Condolences!

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 Dear Family and Friends: 

Our deepest condolences to the family of Jim Clark, of Panama City Beach, FL.  He passed away this past Sunday at Sacred Heart hospital from multi-organ system failure.  We had the blessing of having his wife Jimmi Jayne at our home. 

We welcomed in the family of  Audrey Berkenpas of Grandville, MI.  Husband, Frank, was telling me his wife started complaining of not being able to breath.  Was placed on a ventilator at Baptist hospital in Gulf Breeze.  Has severe pneumonia.  This couple was “snow birding” with 4 other family couples when Audrey got sick.  Sister, Claire Elgersma also from Michigan is staying with Frank at one of our back-up houses.  Very sweet family.  

Per Kimberly Sokolow’s family, she is doing much better at Baptist hospital. As of yesterday, she was trialed off ECMO, then disconnected today!  ECMO is a heart-lung assist machine that can increase the oxygen capacity of the the blood returning to the heart it allows both the lung and heart to “rest” while the patient is healing.  Kim came from Foley Alabama with the H1N1 flu and was very sick.  She and her husband are from Orlando, FL.  Family are in from Greencastle, IN and Texas.  They have been staying with Penny C, one of our back-up homes.  Thank you SO much Penny!

Sacred Heart- Kim Marie Denman.  Had her shunt revised for a third time last week with a “pediatric” shunt valve placed.  Kim is walking, knows her surroundings, and her tracheotomy is just about sized down to be taken out!  She is eating soft foods as of yesterday!  Per Kelsey, her daughter, Kim had a seizure this week during a flow test of her ventricles.  She is doing better and the family is hoping to have her transferred back to West Florida rehab at the beginning of next week!  Kim, early December 2019 had a hemorrhagic brain bleed and has had 3 severe brain bleeds since.  Just 53 years young.  She is doing fantastic!  Her husband, Barry and daughter, Kelsey have been staying with us. 

West Florida Rehabilitation-  Retired Turpin Ashurst-  Stroke rehab.  Just 80 years young, he and his bride, Angie had been “snow birding” in their RV over on Orange Beach, Al, when Rev. Turpin had a massive stroke.  He is talking, regaining strength, and has started walking some at the rehab.  He was moved to a facility in Foley, AL where he also has family.  We have had the blessing of having Angie at our home. 

Select Specialty hospital.  Shirley Oliver- Had her heart attack January 5, 2020.  Required a stent. Pneumonia developed.  Now ventilator dependent.  Husband, Lamar will not leave her side.  We take him meals, snacks, etc.  This family has been so appreciative of all the prayers! This family is from New Brockton, AL.  Near Evergreen, AL. 

Also at Select, Tim Anderson, the detective from Mobile, AL .  Tim is a true miracle.  He contracted the H1N1 flu.  Totally shut down his lung.  He was initially given a 5% survival rate.  Was transferred to Baptist hospital and placed on ECMO, a heart-lung assist device. On ECMO for 18 days.  Now on room air.  Has started walking in the PT department at Select hospital.  Has expressed to me several times how grateful he has been for all the prayers!  His family has been with us for 6 weeks.  We are including a recent picture of Tim, his wife, Kelly, their three children, and mom, Mena.  The one picture of his son definitely shows how excited he was to be with his dad. 

Chris Hubbard- Consulate rehab.  Chris is a 45 year old stage 4 COPD patient that requires oxygen 24/7.  He, too, is a miracle.  Transferred from Hattiesburg, MS.  He was on a ventilator and his parents, Kathy and James Hubbard was told he would not survive. He has proven he is a survivor!  He is walking with assistance, and is hoping still to be transferred closer to home.  His parents were in this week to be with him.  He did require a stent in his kidney after kidney stones were removed at Baptist hospital February 18. VERY appreciative of all the prayers. 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett

Resident Servant

Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House


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