New House Guests, Prayer Updates, and Prayer Requests

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Dear Family and Friends:
Received a referral for the son of Marvin Fooks of Killen, Alabama.  Mr. Fooks fell from a ladder per his son, Victor Fooks and is now on ECMO (Heart-lung assist device), full life support, and very critical.  Victor is from Norfolk, VA.  We are honored to have Victor as he was sharing with me his service to the U.S. Navy.  His dad is in Baptist hospital.  
After church last night, I had just gotten home about 7 pm when the doorbell rang.  Outside was Korie Gilmore of Houston, TX.  Seems Korie had just arrived to Pensacola via her flight.  She had called for an Uber driver to take her to Baptist Hospital where her son, active duty, U.S. Navy Jakub Gilmore had been admitted to the CCU for a suspected viral pneumonia.  When she told her driver why she was here, he told her about us, and suggested she stop here to see if we had room for her!  Wow!  Even the Uber drivers know us!  I explained that we were full but we would take care of her. Korie wants to spend as much time as she can with Jakub.  She will be our “In and Out” guest.  Korie will come for showers, laundry, meals.  We always take care of our military!  Jakub is in “A” school for aviation mechanic school. 
Update on Donna Lynn Jester-Shanks.  Per John, her son who had stayed with us, Donna is not doing so well.  “Mom needs a miracle.  They’re (Duke University) saying by the weekend”.  Donna is in His Hands.  Now, we pray for His will in her life.  
Cari Hill has had very good days, and today, not so good per Gina and Joe Hill of Yahkee Town, FL.  Cari is still recovering from broken ribs on both left and right sides of her chest, repaired left fractured hip, repaired left fractured collar bone, and a couple of fractured cervical neck bones.  She has been requiring a CPAP mask at night to keep her oxygen levels up.  Today she was confused per Gina as to where she was.  Two days ago, she was perfectly clear.  Prayers please. 
Michelle Fawks has been doing a little better each day.  David, her husband is now trying to see when she can be transferred closer to their home in Alabaster, AL.  Michelle is recovering from an brain aneurysm she had now just about a month ago.  
Christy Taylor also has had good and bad days of late.  One day she will follow commands, another day she won’t per mom, Sherry who has been staying with us. Christy and her parents are from the Panama City, FL area. Christy is just 39 years young and has had a severe stroke. 
Robin Gorman is trying to finalize her husband’s transfer to Destin, FL to a rehabilitation center.  Tom Gorman has been at Sacred Heart hospital since mid-July for recovery of a stroke.  She is trying in earnest to get him closer to their home in Miramar Beach, Florida.  
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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