Praises, Prayer Updates, and a “New” direction for The Vineyard Family House… for now!

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Dear Family and Friends:  
It has become a different world even here at the Vineyard Family House.  My board of directors became very concerned for all of our families staying here as well as for Dennis and I.  I was reminded of a statement I had said to one of them a while back on this journey to create and enlarge this current Vineyard Family House.  When I was on the flight team in  Louisville Kentucky, we had a saying, “You do your patient no good by arriving dead!”.  In other words, safety of the team was crucial.  
We explained to our chairman and director that the  3 families we had three weeks ago desperately needed this house.  They would have been sleeping in their cars or intermittently getting a hotel room when they could.  So, it was determined that as each family left here, we would not take in any other families until this COVID-19 virus danger would pass.  We are still caring for a couple of our families outside of this home by praying for them, and taking supplies as they are needed.  Believe me, our work here is not done.  We now have two houses to care for.  The renovations of 110 West Strong Street are going on.  The carriage house has new drywall, doors are being installed.  The painters are painting.  We have been working with Lowe’s and they have given us builder’s discounts as well as a corporate discount on all of our doors, cabinets, fixtures, appliances, doorknobs, etc.  We are moving forward.  What God is building is a main house with 5 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths and a carriage house with two one-bedroom efficiencies with kitchenettes, and bathrooms for out-patient chemotherapy patients.  A FIRST for the state of Florida.  One facility with TWO abilities.  Taking care of families with loved ones in our area hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and hospice facilities.  AND, a separate, clean environment for out-patient chemotherapy patients and their caregiver.  
Dennis and I will forever be grateful to our board of directors, our friends and families, our volunteers, and ALL who have prayed for, lifted this ministry up, and supported the Vineyard Family House.  ONLY God could have envisioned this ministry.  As you have read our stories, the need is great.  This “need” was the “call”. 
Our deepest condolences to the family of JoAnn Coleman.  Per Erika, her daughter who has been staying with us, Ms. JoAnn went home to be with the Lord last night.  Erika shared with me that just three weeks ago her mom was about to say “good bye” to her and her speech became slurred.  Erika was about to leave and go back to Atlanta, Georgia her home.  Erika quickly took her to the emergency room in Monroeville, AL.  She was then taken to Baptist hospital where they determined not only had she had a series of strokes but a heart attack as well.  Ms. JoAnn was just 69 years young. Erika knows that God intervened and gave her three precious weeks with her mom before she left this earth.  A miracle for sure!
A true miracle happened Friday, April 3, 2020.  Kim Marie Denham, at just 52 years young, had survived three hemorrhagic brain bleeds.  She was at Sacred Heart hospital first in November, 2019, West Florida rehab, then back to Sacred Heart, then back to West Florida rehabilitation center.  Husband, Barry and daughter Kelsey never left her side trading nights until she not only revived, but left West Florida walking, talking, and has come back a “good 60%”!!!  She has another three months of out-patient rehab ahead of her.  BUT, her family is thrilled!!!  They expressed SUCH gratitude for all of your prayers for Kim.  Thank you Jesus for this miracle!  
Another miracle:  Per Donna Bigham, Kim Sokolow’s sister.  Kim, as you recall contracted the H1N1 flu which shut down her lungs as it did Tim Anderson a former house guest of ours.  Kim had come for a craft convention in Foley, AL when she became so very sick.  She and her husband, Greg are from Orlando, FL.  She was transferred to Baptist hospital and quickly became an ECMO (heart-lung assist machine) patient.  Weaned off ECMO, then transferred to Select ICU for rehab.  Her progress was like a roller coaster.  Off the ventilator, developed kidney failure, pneumonia, then back on the ventilator.  Even last week the family was looking at moving her to Orlando via a specialized flight team.  As of yesterday, Palm Sunday, Kim is not only off the ventilator, she is now speaking with her “passive-muir, talking valve) via her tracheotomy, but was able to “Face-time” her family!  Her kidney function is better also!  Not being able to visit their sister, and wife has been tough.Kim is just 52 years young. But, Kim is back!!!  Thank you Jesus for this miracle!! 
Shirley Oliver remains on her ventilator at Select hospital.  Per her daughter, Tina, Shirley has progressed very slowly since her heart attack early January.  Husband, Lamar, will not leave her side.  We send in food supplies and they are delivered to him.  We always include a card to let him know we are praying for the both of them. Shirley is just 73 years young. 
Chris Hubbard per mom is back doing physical therapy at Consulate rehab.  Chris requires oxygen 24/7 due to his stage 4 COPD.  Mom, Kathy shared with me that no new blood count reports and the swelling of his ankles has gone down.  He is able to wear braces on his feet which seems to support him and help with his walking.  Chris is just 45 years young.  Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
Glory to God!  The Almighty!  
Blessings to ALL of you this Holy Week! 
Marty & Dennis Tackett

Resident ServantMartha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House


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