Prayer Up Dates and New House Guests here at the Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends:
We want to remember John LaVance today.  John at just 84 years young became our first back-up house parent several years ago.  John had been fighting prostate cancer.  He moved to Arizona to be near his family a couple of years ago.  John always had a smile, a giving heart, and great hugs.  We know where you are my friend.  Miss you much!
Let’s just say we have been a little busy around here. We have become a main home for Covenant Care hospice families.  But first, let me give you an update of these on our families:
Donald Thompson went home to the Lord Monday night.  He had been doing quite well on the ECMO heart-lung bypass machine and had weaned down on it over the weekend.  Sunday afternoon he was taken off the machine.  Still doing well.  But, quite suddenly, Monday night, he went into a cardiac arrest.  Several attempts to revive him.  Chontell Thompson, his mom, has been staying with us for the past week.  Family came in from Louisiana to be with her and actually take her back to her mom’s house.  Funeral services will be in LA. Donald was just 24 years young.
Mary Whitfield also went home to the Lord according to daughter, Cheroyn McNamera.  Cheroyn was from the Brewton, AL area.  Brother, Mike Whitfield was actually en-route from Panama City when Mrs. Whitfield suddenly passed.  She had been transferred from Panama City.  Cheroyn and her brother were to stay with us when I received her call. Please be in prayer for this family also.
Charles “Craig” Malone also passed away last night.  We have been hosting Helen McBride and friend, Karen Piper from Tennessee.  Craig was Helen’s brother.  Helen and Karen have been with us since the weekend.  They are staying until his funeral.  Craig, just 60 years old had one daughter who lives in northern Cantonment.  Please be in prayer for this family also.
Welcomed in Don and Bobby Nowell.  Their mom, Pat Nowell was also a transfer from Panama City.  She is currently at West Florida hospice care too.  Don is from Hot Springs, AK.  Bobby is from the Panama City.
Samuel Brown, also from the Panama City area is in West Florida hospice.  Families came in from that area and surrounding areas.  Angie L. is hosting these families in her guest cottage in Milton.  We were able to provide gift cards to take care of gas and food.  In addition, Bob Greene, our “resident” pastor, and director calls on each of these families a couple of times a week.
Linda Laboe is at the Haven rehabilitation home.  She suffered a massive stroke on October 1, 2018.  Her husband, Joe has been at her side constantly.  He asks for continued prayers.  He will be coming back and forth here to do laundry.  They are from the Santa Rosa Beach, FL area.  Linda is not talking much.  She is doing purposeful movements of her right side, but not left.  She is 83 years.
I am currently awaiting word on three families staying in the ICU at Sacred Heart Hospital.  The Nowell brothers were telling me the halls are just “lined” with families at the hospice unit.
I sent out a “Help Us” face book post last week to assist all of these incoming.  At present, we have 11 families willing to take in this overflow.  What a blessing!!  This is a community coming together!!  We just need to coordinate the families and these wonderful homes!
Blessings to all of you.  So VERY thankful for your assistance and prayers!
Love, Always in His Name
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola: The Family House
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