Prayer Up Dates and New House Guests here at the Vineyard Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends:
We welcomed in yesterday Elizabeth and William Robertson.  Ms. Elizabeth’s brother, Paul Breslin is in Covenant Care hospice at Sacred Heart hospital.  They are from central Alabama.  Our prayers are with them during this time. 
Today, we welcomed in Bill Sedlar.  His bride of 50+ years is in the ICU at Sacred Heart Hospital.  Jean, per Bill had a brain aneurysm that initially caused her breathing and heart to stop.  Quick action by their friends that called 911 and instruction from the 911 operator, gave her a second chance.  Per Bill, she has a long way to go, but is showing some improvement in the week they have been at Sacred Heart.  They are from Marrinette, WI.  
Corey Lovett was able to go home earlier this week.  I have heard back from his family that Corey has continued to improve both physically and emotionally.  Corey believes that God gave him his life back.  He shared with us that he intended to start living his life for Christ.  Wow!  
Larry Buchanan had a better week.  Per Judy, his wife, the doctors placed a “PEG” feeding tube earlier this week to increase nutrition to him.  The doctors are planning to place an in-dwelling shunt verses an exterior brain draining tube.  IF all goes well, the doctors are hoping to transfer Larry closer to Mobile, AL where all of his family reside.  Judy and her three daughters have been a delight to have here! 
And, as of this Sunday, we welcome back Margaret Giguere of Boston, MA, and later in the week, her sister, Donna Jordan to further clean their father’s house in preparation to sell.  Dad, Paul Fulmore had a severe stroke and was transported back to New Hampshire to be near all of his family.  Margaret and Donna will be staying with Bob & Toni G.  Thanks much for being our back-up!  Previously, Margaret and Donna stayed with Ms. Mary B, one of our long-time back-up families.  But, Ms. Mary found herself in the hospital, and now re-hab for the next couple of weeks.  Get well fast Ms. Mary!!  We love you and miss you!!! 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servant
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House
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