Prayer Up Dates and New House Guests here at The Vineyard Family House!

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    Dear Family and Friends:
We want to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Stephen Bairos.  Daughter, Shonna and friend, Tyler Depriest had come in from Atlanta, GA to be with Shonna’s dad who had Leukemia, COPD, and a lung infection.
We also want to extend our condolences to the family of Michael Miller.  Daughters, Vanessa Davis and Tiffany Miller had come in from Lynn Haven, FL and Edgewater, MD.  Mr. Miller had pancreatic cancer and had been moved from Lynn Haven, FL after the hurricane to Covenant Hospice at Sacred Heart.
We welcome in two more families.  I had received a call from Doris Raffield of Panama City,FL that her husband, Douglas Raffield had been moved initially to West Florida hospital then to Select Specialty hospital for further treatment of an infection that had developed on the back side of his heart.  Her daughter: Sharlene Dixon, was a patient at West Florida hospital also. She was being treated for a severe sepsis.  Doris and her sister, Ovaline Keen was coming.  Then, suddenly, Sharlene was discharged from West Florida.  We were able to take in all three ladies.
Amy Deakin is 47 years young and is in Sacred Heart for a brain aneurysm.  Her parents are Dennis & Kathleen Leysen from north Michigan.  Thank you Angie L. for the use of your guest house!
Shelia Lee remains on life support for her MDS where the bone marrow does not produce healthy cells.  Sheila is very sick friends.  Has a loving husband and two teen age daughters. Mom, Carolyn Durkee is staying with us.
This family is from the Crestview FL area.
Sylvia Taylor is also very sick.  She is at the West Florida Hospice area.  Daughter, Sharon Edery is coming in Monday from Ontario, Canada.  Sharon had to obtain the correct visa to be here with her mom.  Sharon will be staying with us.
Pat Nowell is still recovering from her stroke at the Haven.  Husband, Joe, “pops’ in for a quick shower and bowl of soup here!  Asks that you continue to keep them both in prayer.  Ms. Pat who had no health issues before this stroke is getting better slowly.  They are from Santa Rosa Beach, FL area.
As you continue to read, we are still being inundated with victim’s families from Hurricane Michael.  Please continue to pray for these families, and if you can, please Donate!  Both our face book and websites have active “Donate” button.
Plus, if you shop on Amazon, if you go to  Click on Martha’s Vineyard Foundation Inc.  we will get a small portion of whatever you buy from Amazon!
Blessings to you all!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
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