Prayer Up Dates on our families here at the Vineyard Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends:
Linda Laboe is making slow progress according to husband, Joe who came by yesterday to get his much needed shower and lunch here at the Vineyard.  Pat had her stroke last month in October.  Joe was telling me that at this time, there is no “go home” date yet.  He asks for continued prayers for his bride of 62 years.
Sylvia Taylor is now at Select Hospital.  Her daughter, Sharon Edery is here from Canada.  Sharon has some very important decisions about her mother’s future care. She was telling me that her mother does not appear to be aware of her surroundings.  Sylvia had a cancerous tumor removed from her brain a few weeks ago. Please keep Sharon, Sylvia, and all those caring for Sylvia in your prayers.  Decisions such as these are so emotional and heart wrenching.
Michael Freeman continues his chemotherapy and radiation for throat cancer.  They are coming about 3 times a week to Sacred Heart on an out-patient basis.  Because of the six hour wait time between treatments, he and his bride of 40+ years rest at Ken H.’s house.  They are trying to beat this cancer and appreciate your prayers too.
Sheila Lee appears to be more alert than she has been in weeks according to Carolyn, her mom.  Carolyn is very quick to give God all the praise as so many of the doctors according to her has not painted a very pretty picture of Sheila’s life in the past 6 weeks since she became so sick from her MDS, a rare bone marrow cancer.  Sheila’s husband and two daughters come as often as they can from Crestview to be with her.  This tiny window of light has been like an early Christmas present to this family.  Sheila mouthed the words,”I love you Mom” today, right after Carolyn had said the words to her.
Douglas Raffield is at Select Hospital with sepsis and diabetes complications according to wife, Doris.  This sweet family is from the Panama City, FL area and have been through a lot after Hurricane Michael.  Three families are not living in one home.  Yet, they expressed to me that they are all so grateful to have each other and this one home.  This family is staying with us here at the Vineyard.
Amy Deakin is at Sacred Heart Hospital with a brain aneurysm.  Parents, Dennis and Kathleen Leysen are staying with one of our host families, Angie L.  This family is down from the northern Michigan.
John Venincasa is also recovering from a stroke at Sacred Heart hospital.  A vacation that went bad while they were in Destin now a month ago, Mary, John’s wife and daughter are staying with one of our host families, Bob and Penny C.  Mary to trying to get John transferred to St. Louis, MO to be much closer to their family and friends.
Blessings to all of you.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers.
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Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett