Prayer Updates and a Special Prayer Request

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Dear Family and Friends:
Tuscon Amerson is currently in the ICU at West Florida hospital. He is 81 years young. According to his daughter, Tammy, he has leukemia and he is currently out of remission.  She was telling me today that he is not eating very much which will greatly affect his ability to go home.  His family is asking for prayers for him.  They are from southern Alabama. 
Ken Dean has been transferred from the ICU at Sacred heart to a regular room.  He is recovering from a bleeding atrioventricular-malformation bleed.  Per his wife, Mary, who has been staying with us, he has good days and not so good days.  Yesterday, he was speaking fairly well.  Nearly complete sentences.  Today, words were garbled.  Some days, he follows commands.  Other days, not so.  Home is near St. Louis, MO.  
Jean Sedler was moved back to the ICU at Sacred Heart hospital after experiencing dehydration that compromised her electrolytes.  Per Bill, her husband, she is doing much better as of today.  She, too, is speaking in nearly complete sentences now compared to a few days ago.  Ms. Jean had a brain bleed about 10 days ago while “snow birding” in Orange Beach, AL.  Their daughter, Penny, just left to return to work in Minnesota.
Elizabeth and Bill Robertson left for Tuscaloosa Tuesday after sorting and clearing out Liz’s brother’s apartment following Paul Breslin’s passing from cancer.  They shared with us that his ashes will be placed in the family plot in Massachusetts in a couple of weeks when all of the family can get together. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Larry Buchanan was transferred to Mobile Infirmary’s LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) center for rehabilitation of his stroke now 5 weeks ago.  Wife, Judy, and his three daughters had been staying with us.  Judy has said on many occasions how thankful they were for all of the pastoral visits.  Per Judy, Larry has a way to go to his recovery.  But, she was thankful for the care they received from Baptist hospital.
Dennis and I would ask for your prayers in the coming weeks.  Our board of directors have been diligently searching for a larger home to enhance the ministry of Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House.  As you have been reading, we have been at 100% + capacity since Hurricane Michael.  What I don’t list is the number of families I refer to a local motel who gives us a sizable discount when we are out of rooms here.  A few months ago, we located an existing Bed and Breakfast here in Pensacola.  We see great potential in this property, while maintaining that “home-like” atmosphere that all of our families have expressed to us that is essential to this ministry.  We are asking for God’s favor in this purchase.  We have two more “hurdles” to overcome before we can close on the property.  The need is there for a larger house.  We are so thankful to have such a faithful, God-led board of directors leading this challenge.  Please keep this request in your prayers now and in the coming weeks.
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servant
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House
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