Prayer Updates and How God Speaks Through Two Broken Arms!

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Dear Family and Friends:
I will be following this update with another of pictures of the 110 West Strong Street property updates and renovations going on.  But first:
Kim Sokolow is doing well at Park Place Rehabilitation center.  Per her sister, she was able to take 70 steps on her own this week!  Wow!  Surviving H1N1 flu, ECMO (heart-lung assist), ventilator support for weeks, and is now hoping to go home in the next two weeks to Orlando, FL.  Kim is just 52 years young.  No family is allowed to visit, so face-timing is what she can do.  On room air too!  Yeah!  She is a miracle!  Kim has been here since February 20, 2020 when she had come up from Orlando to attend a jewelry class. 
Shirley Oliver remains in the ICU-2 at Select Hospital.  Per her daughter, Tina, mom had a bronchoscopy done to clear secretions from her lungs.  Tina reports she is breathing on her own for the majority of the time.  But she continues to battle mucous plugs and needs a ventilator and constant surveillance.  Ms. Shirley has been on our prayer chain since January 29, 2020.  She and her family are from New Brockton, AL.  Not being able to spend Mother’s Day with her children tomorrow is such a “bummer” per Tina, her sister, and husband Lamar. Please continue to pray for Ms. Shirley. 
Chris Hubbard per his mom and dad, is looking for a long term facility here in Florida.  Chris has been on our prayer chain since October 18. 2019.  Chris, just 45 years old has stage 4 COPD and severe asthma.  He requires 24 hour care, oxygen, and assistance with walking.  His parents live in Hattiesburg, MS.  Chris was brought here on a ventilator and initially was not given a positive outcome.  He proved all of his doctors and nurses that he is here!  Please pray that he is able to find just the right long term care facility for Chris.  
We have twin nine year old neices, Madeline (Madi)  and Alex.  Alex is reserved.  Likes to read.  Madi, the total opposite.  Always looking for adventure.  Two weeks ago, per my sister who is grandmother to these two, asked Madi three times not to swing so high.  “Slow down!” She didn’t.  They heard her scream as she lost her grip and fell out of the swing.  Xrays told the story.  She broke both arms.  Two bones in her lower arm on the left, and one of the larger bones on the right.  The picture is of her showing off both of her casts.  Before you ask, “Yes, she needs help going to the bathroom!”.  
Patty, my sister who is grandmother to these two shared a moment this week when she had the girls.  She asked Madi if she “learned anything from this experience?”  Madi’s response:  “Yes, in 4 weeks when I get these casts off I can go back to my swing!”
If I may borrow our pastor Dave Snyder’s “So What?”message he ends with every sermon to give us a final conclusion of his messages:
How many times we (And I am pointing three fingers back at me when one is pointing forward),  ALL keep doing the same thing over and over again.  God gives us the power of choice.  Yet, we keep falling down–just like Madi, hurting ourselves more than anyone else, and keep doing it wrong again.  Yet, Our Father in Heaven, picks us up, dusts us off, gives us a hug, and keeps loving us, no matter what we do.  
Our choice:  Stop and Listen.  We might save ourselves a lot of pain. 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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