Prayer Updates and New House Guests here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:
Earlier this week we welcomed in the family of Eddie Tullis of Atmore, Alabama.  Seems Mr. Eddie, just 82 years young, was diagnosed with Guillain Barre’ syndrome in 2006.  This virus can strip off the protective layer of every nerve.  Per his daughter, Wanda who flew in from California, he was able to overcome this syndrome and return home to a fairly normal life.  Last weekend, he knew the signs and symptoms were returning.  He was admitted to West Florida hospital ICU and required ventilation as the nerves assisting with normal respiration were again affected by this syndrome.  His sweet wife, Mary Jane would spend some nights here and two of his daughters would stay up at night and sleep here during the day.  Per Wanda as of late yesterday, he is beginning to breathe on his own and responding to his wife, nurses, and doctors!  These are fantastic responses.  Because he is doing so well his wife and daughters are now making day trips to see Mr. Eddie.  
So, today we welcomed in the family of John Barrow.  Mr. John, just 71 years young had open heart surgery per his daughter, Xuripha and wife, Sue who are staying with us.  They were sharing with me that the doctors feel he has had three left side of his brain strokes following his open heart surgery.  He remains on a ventilator, has a tracheotomy, and a feeding tube.  He was transferred to Select ICU last night.  This sweet family is from Laurel Hill, FL.  
Our sincere condolences to the family of Ronnie Peavy.  He passed away in hospice care at West Florida Covenant care last weekend.  Just 59 years young, he was in liver and kidney failure per his sister, Tonya who had been staying with us along with her husband and Ronnie’s younger brother, Ricky.  
Reagan Robert remains on ECMO (heart-lung assist device) at Baptist hospital.  Just 41 years young, his mother, Linda who is now staying with us, shared with me today that Reagan’s lungs are like “mush”, according to her.  She said the sepsis pneumonia has done much damage to his lung tissues.  He has two chest tubes- one in each lung.  He remains on full life support also.  This guy is from Biloxia, MS.  Mom is from Ocean Springs, MS.  His sister is in from Atlanta, GA.  Dad, Larry had to return to Texas.  This family is rotating in and out to keep a family member close. 
Robert French remains at Sacred Heart hospital following his shut revision.  Per his parents, the doctors are concerned that he is not as responsive as he was initially after his shunt revision.  Cheryl and Tom are very concerned for Robbie.  Their hopes were of course, he would start to “wake up” after his hemorrhagic stroke December 1, 2019.  This family is from outside of New Orleans, LA. 
Carolyn Durkee continues with out-patient radiation therapy for breast cancer.  She comes Monday through Friday and stays with Penny C, one of our back-up house parents. Carolyn is from Baker, FL
Chris Hubbard remains at Consulate recuperating from COPD, and kidney stones.  Per mom, Kathy, his kidney doctors at Baptist are hoping he will pass the kidney stones, but if not, the surgery to remove them is now February 17, 2020.  His parents had to return to Hattiesburg, MS to work.  Chris, just 45 years young is so much more stable per his parents who had been staying with us for just over 3 1/2 months.  Kathy was telling me he still has a lot of pain with the kidney stones.  He also remains on oxygen, but his tracheotomy opening has healed shut.  He has come a long way with lots of prayer for this young man! 
We want to say a VERY BIG Thank you to Rocky’s Pest Control.  When Dennis and I moved to Florida in 2003, we were recommended this company.  Rocky’s has always taken care of us at a reasonable cost.  Rocky’s son, Todd now runs the company.  When he heard about us moving to our new Vineyard on West Strong Street, he promised me his company would take care of us.  And they have!  They provide our new Vineyard with ALL of our termite bond and inside and outside insect repellent needs as their gift to us! This saves this ministry considerable costs!  We highly recommend this company!!  

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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