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Dear Family and Friends:
Our deepest condolences go to the family of Dennis Williams.  Dennis, as you recall fell just over a week ago and had a massive brain bleed.  After his surgery, it became evident that his prognosis was not what Suzanne, his wife and sisters Donna, Joanie, and Lisa wanted to hear.  Dennis, a strong Christian, went home to heaven early Monday, November 25.  His celebration of life will be next Sunday, December 8th at First Baptist Church. Please keep his entire family in your prayers. 
Christy Taylor, was able to be released to her home this past Wednesday, November, 27th!  Christy, who is still recovering from a massive stroke is going to be cared for by her dad and mom.  Mom, Sherry had been with us since mid September.  Our prayers and best wishes to all of them.  This family is from Panama City, FL. 
Michelle Fawks also was transferred to Alabaster, Alabama this past week too!  Just 52 years young, Michelle had a brain aneurysm early September.  She was moved from Sacred Heart hospital to Select rehab, then back to Sacred Heart for an infection and her brain shunt.  She is talking, moving all of her extremities, and knows her husband, sons, and grandchildren!  She is a true miracle!!  We continue to pray for her as she recovers.  Dan, her husband expressed gratitude for all prayers.  He was telling me they would never have made it thus far without them. 
Sacred Heart Hospital- Rm 446Tom Gorman- stroke.  Tom continues to improve minimally per Robin, his wife from his stroke.  He cannot speak yet, but will smile at you when you come in.  He continues to have limited mobility of his extremities.  Tom is just 61 years young.  Robin continues to try and get his transfer to a closer facility near their Miramar Beach, Florida home. 
Consulate Health CareChris Hubbard- 45 years young.  Chris is talking when his tracheotomy has his speaking valve!  He is eating very soft foods now.  But, still has his stomach feeding tube per his mom, Kathleen.  He requires only minimal oxygen at night per his tracheotomy.  Chris is recovering from stage 4 COPD and asthma. 
Select HospitalDerrick Belcher- just 53 years young.  Mom, “Tez” Belcher comes here every day just for a nap, do laundry, and grab a bite to eat.  She shared with me that her son had a cardiac arrest about a month ago in Mobile, Alabama.  He was on a ventilator for almost 3 weeks and required a tracheotomy.  During this period, his kidneys also shut down.  He was moved to Select about a week ago for further rehabilitation.  He is learning to speak through his “talking” valve, but still requires oxygen through the tracheotomy.  He also requires three times a week kidney dialysis.  She shared with me the doctors have no idea why he had a cardiac arrest.  
Baptist- Gulf BreezeRood Medina-  ICURood was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer this past March.  His parents, Marie and Jean are staying with us.  Rood is just 27 years young.  He is to have a small intestine blockage removal Monday, December 2 per his mother.  Rood is married, has two small children.  His parents are from Delray Beach, Florida.  Rood and his family live in Navarre, FL. This entire family immigrated from Haiti almost 7 years ago per Marie.  He is so young.  Please keep him in your prayers.  If all goes well per mom, he is to start chemotherapy in January, 2020. 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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