Prayer Updates and New Houseguests here at the Vineyard!

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Dear Family and Friends:
We welcomed in Ginger and Bill N. from Mobile, AL last night.  Their daughter, Jessica was transferred to Select Speciality hospital for ventilator weaning following Jessica contracting Covid back in January.  Jessica is just 24 years young.  Her parents are asking for all prayers for their daughter.  
Douglas B. also a patient at Select has greatly improved since he was first admitted there two weeks ago.  Transfered from Monroeville, AL, Doug was given an less than 1 % chance of survival back in early February when he was Life Flighted via helicopter to Sacred Heart hospital with pneumonia and Covid per his wife, Holly who has been with us.  He is off the ventilator, his tracheotomy is out, he is on some oxygen via a nasal cannula, and has been walking with assistance and his walker!  Wow!  Holly is so grateful for all of your prayers!!  
Kris F. continues to improve slowly from a vertebrae fracture per Rob who is also staying with us.  This sweet couple are “snow birds” from Wisconsin.  They were going to head home three weeks ago when Kris fell.  Rob is very active with her exercises at West Florida Rehabilitation center.  He is very appreciative of all your prayers. 
Sharon S. conitnues her chemotherapy at Sacred Heart per Merrill her husband.  He also shared that a local eye surgeon withdrew fluid behind Sharon’s eyes in hopes to revive her eyesight that has been lost from the cancer.  Asking for any and all prayers for his bride of 60 + years.  This couple is from Shalimar, FL. 
We had the pleasure of hosting Catholic High School, “Make a Difference Day” again this years.  Praying all the pictures come through.  This fantastic group performed a number of outside jobs:  Cut down grasses and vegetation, trimmed up azalea bushes, restacked lumber, powerwashed the entire brick foundation as we need to be repainting it because of peeling paint, sanded a chest of drawers, and washed all of the first floor windows!  Wow!!  What a wonderful group of volunteer students and their adult leaders!!   Thank you again Catholic High School!! 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett

Resident Servant

Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House


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Catholic High School “Make a Difference Day” 2022
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