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Dear Family and Friends:

Robert French (ICU) Sacred Heart hospital.  “Robbie”, as his mom, Cheryl calls him has had numerous tests this week.  Per her, his doctors are optimistic about his recovery at this time.  He is to have a tracheotomy tomorrow if his medical condition remains stable.  This will make him more comfortable per his doctors and nurses.  Robbie had a severe brain bleed about 10 days ago while he and his family were on their way home to Covington, Louisiana.  He is just  52 years young.  We have been hosting Cheryl and his step dad Tom Mason.

Carolyn Durkee is to start out-patient radiation for breast cancer this week.  She will be staying with Penny C., one of our great volunteer house-parent back-ups.  Carolyn is from Baker, FL.  She is just the sweetest little lady.  Keep her also in your prayers this week.

Derrick Belcher remains on a ventilator and kidney dialysis at Select Hospital per his mom, Tez who comes here almost daily for a short break from the hospital.  She grabs a bite to eat, does laundry, and just “chills” out while she is here.  This family is from Mobile, Alabama.  Derrick is just 52 years young and had an cardiac arrest now about 6 weeks ago from an unknown etiology. 

Chris Hubbard is walking with assistance while he is in Consulate rehabilitation center here in Pensacola.  He is eating fairly well per his mom, Kathleen and dad, James who are now staying with us.  Chris has a ways to go, but considering where he was literally near death while on a ventilator in Hattiesburg, MS, he is gaining a little strength nearly every day.  Chris is just 45 years young and has stage 4 COPD.

Tom Gorman was transferred to University Hills for rehabilitation for his severe stroke back in early July, 2019.  His wife, Robin was telling me this week he is speaking more clearly and has started to use his left arm some.  This couple if from Miramar Beach Florida.  Please keep Tom in your prayers for continued recovery.

We include a picture of Robbie French so you have a face to your prayers today.  Cheryl  shared with us that Robbie has a very out-going personality and a very kind heart.  He is critical but stable per his doctors.  They are carefully monitoring his inter-cranial pressures per his mom too.  

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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